Sunday, October 1, 2017




How can i go away from
The love you provide is a pearl
That never makes allured
Even in a single minutes your eyes is in mine
I dare say you are a daffodil
Who bring a beautiful spring in the lives
Whereas the flowers are blooming
On the day i pick it up
For never i let it die before blooming
How can it be
Since you are a rose
That i use to water every day and night
Wherever i go,you are the stick
Which makes me unable to leave
You are really allured my heart
That never be forgotten in thy life
Since the beginning up to die
And never be dismissed wherever i am
For the factual ,sun is shining my heart
From heart to heart comes up


From the beginning i know
From time to time,you are the love
Since your love never hurt thy heart
Caused by the pretty words

Though you are so far away
The love never fades away
That is a exemplary love
Which is never separated from

If you ask me so
No answer for the love
Since it is a sample for the love
Never i betray till to die

Though the love is on the sky
I try to climb the hill to gaze
So as to know it is a memory
A memory of love is a victim

That should be accepted
If the love is pure
And not for the sake of coin
But for the lives till to die


How can the love i throw it away
All days and nights, it reminds me
Since the love is enchanted
That it looks like a rose in the morning

Should need watering
For once i say it makes me happy
And the love is the fuel of heart
Which brings brightness and lighting

Since the love makes my feeling shocked
Never i have put off in the lives
For the sake of grasping brightning
That it looks like rainbow in the day time

Surely that the love invites me
For exchanging thy lives
Caused by its pretty color and smell
That the sun gives shining

How can the love i throw it away
All days and nights, it reminds me
To welcome her smile
Which makes unable to leave till to die



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