Friday, March 1, 2019




I cannot see where I am
nor do I know where I'm going.
I know that I come from a nearby place
Where, kneeling, I have admired life.
All I see is marshes and puddles,
I sense the strong smell of mud,
While some snakes, slimy and binding,
Enchain my ankles.
Their jaws dispense poison
As a tonic on my skin.
I do not seek the mystery of immortality,
Now I live as ancient warrior
Among stinging oaks and regretful exploiters.


I pass along the corridors
Of your mind,
Where you are hiding,
Frightened by loneliness,
The companion of your days
Populated by disdainful ghosts
That pull out your eyes.
Blind, you no longer wear
The smile of dreams,
Given away to the barren land
That ran through the fingers
Of a destiny
Shaped by you.
Now you enact your fear
To be alone.


Petrified tears
Now on the worn-out skin
Of one who knows
That he has been lost the sun
And is now waiting for his own corpse
To make a toast in the eternal night
Dampened by the earth.


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  1. Me encantó el poema de la serpiente y el del temor bien diseñados