Friday, March 1, 2019




They told me that you, for a while, are hiding in a book
And since then, I've begun to read everything
But the more I read, the more you hide from me
And when I start another book, then you will tell me:

I'm not like those you read about,
You know, you hear them or you've seen them
I'm the one you cringe
In thoughts, in the night... different.

I'm not a dream shopkeeper,
Who is standing under your eyelids
I'm the one to be with you
Like longing, secret, desire... different

A sheet with a sheet you touch my body
Hidden among the covers that protects me from the world
And even if I do not fulfill your dream
Under your little fingers, I have both name and face.

Many read me, few know me, one or two understand,
And they ask me about you
I tell them, how loud I can, that you for me
You're part of the whole.

Unless you call me by name
As no one else can do
I will answer you even though I am a bit distraught
It's me, tell me you, but... different.
© Corina Savu 2019


On days the wind shakes the windows
I’m just staring
Even on the road with blowing leaves
I’m just mindlessly walking.
Moonlight, this night,
When the light goes away
I’m thinking:
Yeah, I’m a spring for someone, winter for someone,
It’s over for someone, it’s the first time for someone,
I’m happy to someone, I’m soul to someone,
A lullaby to someone, sometimes a noise,
In this moonlight I’ll be with you!
Your birth and your end,
Please lean on me once in a while and rest.
All the things that stayed in your time,
Now hurt me so much.
On a moonlit road,
Even the flower petals were always beautiful.
That’s how much more my longing will grow for you.
This thick night,
After it passes,
Even the cold times will pass us by
Yes, that’s good enough for me.

© Corina Savu 2019


Outside, lightning burns a skyline
And tears of rain are unclear
Seconds of melted hours and souls tightened in their hands.
My eyes are covered in the dark
I wrote to you lately, as usual,
And I'm still writing to you on the rainfall rhythm
What kindle my soul, a dazzling flame.
Forgive me, nothing has a motive!
And maybe it all seems chimeric,
But my memories are fierce and calm
Yours filled with bitter regret
Fools on your chess board, what else can I hope?

Black letters fall, burning with the fire of their file
I write to you that you are an unfulfilled dream,
Predicted in a sentence that is my destiny,
The merchant sells me love breaks
On cold February mornings.
I should have drawn my life in your hand
Even if my hand had died,
I would have forgiven myself!
In front of you I would not have written, I would have succumbed.
I would have seen you without blinking, I would have smiled,
But our fate has sewn us, crooked
And it froze us in February with frost
So much so that we no longer feel any happiness
And the crows would have made our hearts a feast
A torture... would have been terribly hurt.
However, I am writing to you now, when my words are fragile.

But they are not
They waved
They suffocated.
I've been looking for them,
I recited them, but they did not come.

I'm trying to write to you tomorrow, under heavy rain drops
And hoping you could come.
© Corina Savu 2019


SAVU ELENA-CORINA: Country: Romania. Born in October 1988, Plopeni, Romania. Graduated the Faculty of Letters and Science of Petroleum-Gas University, Ploiesti, Romania. The first published paper is titled Functions of law. Her passion for writing materializes with the advent of the novel plucked „Aripi smulse” („TornWings”) a novel in two volumes appeared in 2016, published by Smart Publishing. In 2016, her work „Cuplul, în căutarea paradisului pierdut” („The couple, in search of the lost paradise”) is included in the anthology of the same name, published by Karta Graphic. In 2016 appears her work „Lumi adiacente” („Connecting Worlds”), included in the anthology Jurnal de călătorie (Logbook) and in 2017 her work „The tears of nature” appeared in the international anthology Nature 2016. The best award in her career was a 3th place in international anthology Nature 2018. Also, numerous participations in creative-writing workshops.

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