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Our Poetry Archive is an online web journal published every month. With this particular number this international poetry journal has completed its fourth year of web publishing with 48 monthly issues along with four Anthologies. We are proud enough to publish poems of numerous poets from all over the world. We remain grateful to our writers and readers alike for making Our Poetry Archive a successful web journal. Personally I would like to extend my gratitude to all my friends who have made an enormous impact to make this web journal so much popular among the poetry lovers of all the continents. Among them I would like to thank especially all the members of the editorial desk of OPA. It could not have been possible for me alone to make OPA a successful international web journal without their direct contributions and continuous support. 

Apart from just publishing poems from all over the world, even at the beginning of this journey our mission was to build up one international platform where readers can find out different literary cultures and traditions in one place. We thought it will help us to understand different voices around the world, which may one day bring harmony among mutual differences. Yes we still believe this is one of the useful gateways to cover-up the tensions among different nations and nationalities. People will one day come to understand that we are actually equal among all the inequalities, which makes the human civilized. We believe our civilization requires these human steps especially at this present time of political and social turmoil around the world. Yes at first it may sound to some extent an Utopian idea that poetry can bring harmony among mutual difference leading to ease out the socio political tensions around. Yes, it is not at all an easy task, nor even can be achieved in our lifetime. Yet we can only start the journey. Let’s see what can we do ourselves and how far can we proceed collectively. We still believe that as poets and thinkers writers and creative artists alike it is also our responsibilities to proceed along this line of vision. And to our surprise we have won many friends along this collective journey so far. Yes, this is just the beginning and the road is long ahead. We hope more and more responsible world citizens will also join with us in this long march of Poetical Revolution to make this world a peaceful and harmonious abode for humanity.

And today we are really proud enough to feel a sense of inbuilt joy among us that poets and readers alike from different corners of the world have extended their support to us. Poetry is a creative journey which makes the personal realizations impersonal by touching the human hearts with compassions. We at Our Poetry Archive is actually trying to archive this human compassions in the name of poetry or literature.

Many readers and writers alike believe that poetry is actually the spontaneous overflow of emotions of the poet which arouse the sentimental feelings of the readers. Poetry is not the turning loose of emotions. This had been pointed out by one of the greatest English poet of all time T. S. Eliot. Yes we do agree with him. Yet, it is also true that without any emotion, words and lines can never be transformed into poetry. So, emotional interpretation of one’s feelings is also vitally important for writing poems. But one has to control the release of emotions while interpreting his or her feelings in case of writing poetry. Poetry actually demands this from its creator to control the personal emotions in such a manner that the words and lines can represent impersonal interpretation of the feelings with a world view in the canvas of eternity.

Poetry is also the discovery of the true soul of the poet. One can only become a poet with this self discovery, establishing a direct and worthwhile connection with his or her inner self. This particular phase of the poetical life can be described as “Becoming Oneself. Only then a poet can realize his or her true essence over space and time. It actually helps him or her to communicate with his time and surroundings, discovering his or her own poetical language to express the creative brilliance more meaningfully. We at Our Poetry Archive constantly try to nourish these aspects.

Poetry is also a craft which waits for its readers. Only a true reader can make a poem alive. A single poem can work differently among various readers. It can be interpreted in various ways according to the wisdom and literary knowledge of its readers. So poetry is actually a many-folded manifestation. One can never judge it with a final verdict because it also evolves along with the timescale. So the role of the readers is also very much important. We at Our Poetry Archive always believe this and keeping it at the back of our mind we remain obliged to those readers who have made Our Poetry Archive their favorite web journal.

Those who would like to participate in our upcoming editions, please send at least three poems and a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication of your copy righted materials in OPA well before the 10th of every month. You can also add one short Biography written only in the 3rd person narrative along with the submission. With this note I would like to invite you all to this collection of poems of the World Poets. I would also like to convey our gratitude to all the poets who have participated in this number with their literary brilliance, on behalf of the entire editorial desk of OPA.

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