Friday, March 1, 2019




The Gods looked at me with a sarcastic smile
As I lamented over my fate
The Gods looked at me still, then, with gentleness,
They asked me
Are you not the one who chose to run?
Are you not the one to have, thoughtlessly
Forsaken the comfort
Of our abode,
Merely for the sake of love,
And the glory of it?

With Life have we chosen to gift you
Even if you sought our worse for yourself
To live it you shall have to
Even if, at times, you will swivel around melodies
And at others, you will have to try not to wake sleeping snakes
To live you shall have to
And to suffer in this life you shall have to!

Pray, I looked at the Gods' chuckling faces
And my allegiance to them grew in my heart
I know, that I remain, for them, a baby, their own,
One needing their care and comfort,
One being so cute with her tantrums
That I make them chuckle fondly at me!

Like a child, obedient and subservient,
I agree to their wish,
By kneeling in front of them and asking to be struck
With their rays of forgiveness
While I shall live the suffering imposed upon me!


Life moves on, it always does,
Just as a river, it never stays in one place
Going, wherever its course pushes it
Responding, even to the call of Earth,
By being dried up at times
And destructive at other times!

Amidst it all, I remain, a fickle particle of dust
Having been brought forth
By those subtle powers
That are so unconceivable, that they remain
Attribute-less and nameless!

Why, to fight life is not in my nature,
Mine remains to obey
And to love, as passionately
As would a maiden lost in a desert
And Love, being the oasis which will allow me to
Keep on obeying life!

Life moves on, it always does
And I, have no choice other than
Moving with its flow
Relaxing in its calmness at times
And bearing with its destructive force
At other times!

Life moves on, and so shall I
Why, the suffering of today shall turn
Someday into an artifact, remembered solely
For that part which it deemed to show,
That part which shall imbibe, in others, who suffer like me,
Some joy!


Had it been somebody else asking me this, whispered the Gods,
I would have inflicted upon him curses that would have been cured
By the forthcoming spawns of his next generations!
But coming from you,
I must say,
Such leaves me baffled!

You have sworn to belong to me
You obey, you show allegiance to me
You abide, you harm not,
You respond and you react,
Coming from you, such a note was so disappointing!

Almost, as if, you take me for a liar,
Almost, as if, you see me as being a player
In a game where I solely wish to see the rest
Ending up with a loss of faith for me,
And for my grip upon them!

I understand about your suffering, I acknowledge of it
But please, bear with it
Bear with it as an adult would,
A mature, wise, calm and believing one,
Know that my ways are unexpected and mind boggling
Know that I can surprise anyone at any time
Know that I can stop time, turn days into nights
And allow the universe to stop living!

So, pray, light the lamp of love in your heart, and never
Ever ask me for such a thing again
Life remains tricky, of its essence have you understood
Its purpose remains my cause
Worry not about it,
Just trust me and I shall be happy!


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