Friday, March 1, 2019




A gust of wind, a whisper of muse
he accepts with humility -
gentle man
about the soul from the clouds.

Listened to the buzz of dawn -
with a smile of the dawn
colors and smell
writes in stanzas.

His soul is levitating
over the earthly experience,
he is immersed in goblets
and dew crystals.

He was wounded by a note of iniquity
it dims and falls silent,
and with him
singing of Sappho.


Insipidity and lie
married to each other,
they repeat for a hundred times,
until the truth will happen.

Glass houses built
on uncertain ground,
the first covered beds
the weight of the unrighteous.

In the stalls close to each other
ruffians and writers,
how to explain it
the most faithful you -

consciences that are still
they feel the depth of their heart,
trampled with elegance
dripping mud.


It will be fine someday
just trust us,
do not think that your suffering
and love fell.

A confident man will not predict
insidious evil -
a friend who lives
it will change into a rubble.

It will be good, Lord
just trust us,
tears wash mockery
fed with good.

And when they get exhausted,
like emptiness,
forgive them and cuddle them in your hands
full of mercy.


I whispered to you -
just in case,
a bit of luck
I wrapped up my time.

Here and there I put a smile -
it gives so much heat,
that even the cold of January
he is not nagging.

I whispered to you
faster heart beat,
a glance that glitters
sky colors

and I will take a journey
after today,
like a sandwich -
just in case.


I love grass and wind,
smile of flowers in the gardens,
lilac smell which blooms -
the delicacy of lily of the valley.

Joyful singing in twigs
and sunsets when the sun is weary
He gives away the prime, and the moon
constellations illuminate in the sky.

However, the time comes in vain
seek courtship and trail,
silence in a stork nest,
bees are silent, butterflies
they hid in warm wings.

She enters the salons -
winter fashion designer.
It covers with white down,
with sequins, she adorns and dresses in lace
every tree, shrub, small plant.


JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK Ur. May 22, 1957 In Świebodzice. A clothing technician by education. Editorial secretary Laureate of many poetry competitions. The Poet of the Year 2015 honored by the editorial staff of the "Dziennik E-Literaci" for the entire activity in the field of literature in the last five years 2010-2015 and the 100th anniversary of Independence for long-term cooperation. A member of the Literary Association 'Witryna' in Stalowa Wola. A member of the International Literary Art Group "Kwadrat" in Krakow. A member of the Polish Artists' Association in Warsaw. She has published four volumes and co-authored six literary issues. Ten anthologies, including one religious Her poems appeared in three international anthologies. Her poems are translated into English. They are published in the international monthly: "OUR POETRY ONLINE ARCHIVES ONLINE, ONE MONTH OF POETRY." For several years, he has been publishing on the website, where he gained many regular readers. Participant of Festivals, literary workshops and meetings: Festival of Song and Patriotic Poetry in Lubaczów - 3rd place in the poem "Even today"; The first, second and fourth festival "Lubaczów Poetic Autumn" in Lubaczów, where her two poems were available for the Museum of the Borderlands; • Participant of XV "Jurassic Poetic Autumn" in Złoty Potok and "Festival of Slavic Poetry" Cieszyn 2015; • Founder of the independent Saffo Poet group; in GBP in Zebrzydowice and organizer of cyclical meetings in poetry in Zebrzydowice. He leads a series of meetings on poetry in the DS. in Cieszyn.