Friday, March 1, 2019




I know her;
with the eyes of a hind,
with the heart of a girl,
with the soul that
walks along meadows
and weeps over the swaths of
wild  flowers.

I now her;
soft gentle words
keep her  warm just like the sun-
making her cheeks flush.
And like a shy little child,
she turns her eyes to the ground.

I  cherish her more
than anything  in this world.
As  a  shining star,
kept in her nest;
as eternal love,
in my very own heart.
A sea of tears I would gladly shed,
I would stain my soul with pain,
just to save her
with the heavenly magic.


The blue coat
the blue scarf
The blond hair
The blue  eyes
The blue skies
All this blu
fades away.

It is allowed to write -up.

fades away.


She used to sing the most beautiful song,
pigeon used to kiss hiss dove,
falcon picketed his loved one,
slender fir
tilted her head towards the pine,
poplar confessed to the birch;
"Once, on the ray of the Sun,
along the shadow line,
the game of a woman in love I had begun.

That was the true joy indeed,
unforgettable  happiness.
Now grief rules over my heart,
firefly illuminates nothing but the soul,
along the clearing of yellowed


LATINKA DJORDJEVIC was born in  Zemun. Serbia. She has been living in Zurich since 1955. Tiny thread that used to connect her former work and poetry, with the arrival in Zurich blossomed into true love of poetry. Her poems have been published in several magazines, websites and conference proceedings. In 2005 and 2006, with great success, she doubled as a director and set designer for the performance of her two fables for children, "Meda  Mike" and Donald Duck", "Rabbit Jo and mathematics"- to the delight of children. Previously, she has published a collection of  poetry: "Kozaračka 39", " In the shadow of the town gates ","Whispering love", "Autumn", "Let me dream". At the moment, she is preparing her first novel. Latinka Djordjević has been the secretary of the Association of Serbian writers in Switzerland for several years.Thus, between  her work and her writing, she keeps running back and forth between youth and old age. She is a member of  the Serbian writers society( UKS) and the Swiss writers society (L.K."Desanka Maksimović") Zurich.

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