Friday, March 1, 2019




Hatred and Bigotry dwell in
The thoughts and actions
Of ignorance and prejudice
As the haves and have nots
Duel it out
Across borders and continents
Ignoring cries in the desert
Dying for want of water
Are Refugees and immigrants
Floundering dreams evaporate
In the scorching heat
Dried is the desert bare
Hopes that turn to dust
Fly like burning cinders
Thirsts never quenched
While they die in wait
Politics and power
Spit their bigotry
They poison the well
Of Humanity
Spreading poison
With each word and action
Like pestilence
Flowing wide and swift
But, alas, there
Is some justice
When death claims
Us all
Leveling the field
For death respects
No borders, power, money
No matter your station in life
Death has no bias
Makes no deals,
Gives no pardons
We are destined to the same
Hole in the ground
While we plea our case
At the Pearly Gates
Begging Saint  Peter
Hoping he can find us
In the Grand Book of Life
Where will you be?
When the names are called,
Entering Heaven or
Begging for forgiveness
At Heaven’s Door?
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved 2017 JGV


It’s raining, once again
And thou the week
Has come and gone
In gray and blackened skies
You’ll not find me looming
In yesterday’s goodbye
You’ll find me moving on
To light and warmer days
Making plans for picnic
Among life’s full array
The slightest ray
Still shining in rooms
Of sand and mud
I’ve made the strongest shelter
With hope, some sand
And Love
It is a shrine, a treasure
My old Adobe home
I’ve built no walls at all
A roof to keep me warm and dry
To stand the winds of time,
With thoughts of love and hope
I patched the shattered pieces
With drops of falling rain
And sand I found in places
In times that I have  strayed
I’m Leaving open spaces
To welcome home the light
So when the storm hits harder
I have a place to harbor
My Soul and Heart to dry
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved 2018 JGV


Last night
Darkness walked in
As I sat all alone
With no one to hear
My thoughts muffled in fog
While shadowy figures
Brought with them such pain
They were the only witness
To all that I did
The days of my life
Became a dark blur
Became such a burden
Became my last fall
My heart was in pieces
And my Soul stirred uneasy
My head downcast falling
With thoughts here and there
That ran seeking light
The darkness   arrived
And  deeper I fell
Without voice or help
In numbness and chill
For years fought the shadows
But tonight they have won
Tomorrow’s a new day
In light of bright Sunshine
While my children
And family
Will be raging and pondering
I guess there’s no answer
For those left behind
It was always a struggle
The shadows and fighting
From the place where I stood
I saw seldom the light
While life slipped
Through my fingers
In water so clear
In Memory of Suicide victims
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 30/12/2018


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