Friday, March 1, 2019




My children!
Don't you want to know why I call you all
In the name of different animals?
My Monkey, Donkey, Parrot, Rabbit, Squirrel!

I do intensely love and respect animals
So innocent and cute and loyal above all

They're splendid beings with no pretense
Though may not possess high intelligence

Never ever they are guided by greed
Nor do they crave for more than what they really need

Never ever they master malicious tricks
Nor do they worry for future or cry over split milk

Devoid of speech and complicated expressions
Love for them is the best means of communication

Never ever they kill with evil intention
Only for satisfying hunger and self protection

They respond to love and never do betray
Listen lovingly to what you say

I wish you to possess all these traits
That humans have lost in the name of progress

Like animals you are lovely and loving
Be like them , a true human being!


“My pristine pure love I do offer you dear
As an ardent lover I completely surrender.”

“Trace back dear, change your mind,
At this stage love can never be blind.”

“Love is ever blind to the walls of this world
beyond time and space, flesh and blood.”

“Will you love my grey rough hair
That’s getting thinner with the light kiss of aging ,dear?"

“Your hair is like the drifting amorphous clouds in the sky
With which as a crispy soothing breeze I’d love to inhale and play.”

“And the wrinkled skin that’s no more fair
With the touches of age, it has lost its glare?”

“The wrinkles are your sacrifices down the ages
That for your soothing solace I’d love to caress”

“My hollowed eyes are devoid of dreams and hopes
Unattractive are my sunken cheeks and parched lips”

“Your eyes are deep oceans where I prefer to dive again and again,
I feel the untold stories hidden in your lovely lips and cheeks though dry and sunken.”

“Stained are my nails, rough and gnarled my fingers
Repulsive and disfigured are they doing daily chores.”

“The fingers that rock cradle and rear a family can only be loving, never be ugly
That I’d love to sooth with my soft lips only.”

“You have never marked my bulging womb
Defaced with stretchmarks as a dilapidated tomb.”

“Your womb is the earth that bears unbearable pain
The stretch marks are lovely signatures of your selfless creations.”

“Have you ever marked my sagging breasts
That can never satisfy your unrequited thirst?”

“What matters me more is the heart hidden behind
You’ve mistaken, thirsty is my soul, not body or mind.”

“The heart you seek dear is no more mine
So, you give a second thought and change your mind.”

“I am a slave to my helpless heart
Walking on a one-way path, no chance to depart.”

“Then you’re left with one option only: Like the sun just watch from a distance
When around my axis and orbit I pirouette and dance.”


In my darkest night
When there is no source of light
Your words twinkle like stars
That solace my soul, though afar!

In my gloomy days when I lose hope and grit
Your lines are a grand treat
That uplift my dark spirit
And inspires me to embrace life, though bitter/sweet.

When I stumble and stagger in the path of life
Your words hums to my heart that every hurdle is brief
And when I am distracted from my destination
Your creation guides me to follow the right direction.

From your words drops of honey drip
Which my heart gluttonously sips
With its parched thirsty lips
And I feel as if free from sin after a holy dip!

I see my tear and smile hidden in your lines
Like the salt in the water of a deep ocean
I lose myself in your lines full of beauty
I mingle with you, an inseparable entity
And oblivion of my existence I fall in love with your lines
A bond so pure, unselfish and supremely sublime!


Mrs NAMITA RANI PANDA is a poet, story writer and translator from Sambalpur district of Odisha, India. She now works as Vice-Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Cuttack under the Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education and Literacy , Govt. of India . She is entrusted with the responsibility of Principal I/C, JNV Bijapur, Chhatisgarh Her two published Anthologies of poems are Blue Butterflies and Rippling Feelings. Her poems are highly acclaimed in many National and International magazines and journals. Her signature words are love and optimism. The main themes of her concerns are social injustices, love and other issues related to life. She is an active member of Cosmic Crew, a literary group of women poets in Odisha working with the motto “My pen for the world.”

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