Monday, April 1, 2019




Free myself of isolation chains
all obscurity surrounding my mind
the walls that deny existence
open now the entrances of liberty
let me be a self beyond the curtains
that blinds all light, dampening the spirit,
for a bird is about to die!

I will gladly hide my soft curves
while the fresh air hits my face
with the flavor of danger
the sting of manhood
ruling the world.

*bacha posh – dressed up and disguised as a boy.
Refers to a cultural practice in which a daughter is sent off into the world as one of the boys.


A payer is sometimes a cloud
A whisper in the air
And then also hope.

Pain is a passage where we find ourselves
Dwell in tears (perhaps so many times)
Until we finally understand that
The light from a soul
Always touches
Us with love!

We got to believe in another time
A morning of flowers
The murmur of the night
For we collide so many times
With the very essence of the spirit
Seeking to root itself
In our little world
Still growing and kind!

Then, we finally understand
Love as miracle of life.
Luz María López
Puerto Rico


these awakened days
aromatized with visions
washed-out scents
disheveled colors
forgotten desires
frayed voices
pulsing the minutes
on my hands
a whirlwind of images
going too fast
counter clock dispersion
from the mind’s books
and behind the curtains i yet hear
the echo of old songs
filling the cup of wine
with poetry
getting myself fractalized!

i see your shadows slipping
under the lintel of the door
behind my eyes
and the sea that takes everything away
irremediable trance
but here where the days doze
there isn’t forgetfulness
or any resignation
just heaps of salt to heal
the wounds.


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ (Puerto Rico). Poet, narrator, editor, translator, cultural promoter organizing events in her country and abroad. Editor in chief of the book “Poetic Voices from The New World (2016) and five international poetry anthologies. Her poetry has been translated to twenty languages and published in prestigious literary journals, four books of selected authors and numerous international multilingual anthologies. She has participated in Poetry Festivals and Book Fairs in many countries. Academic Director for the International Book Fair in Puerto Rico. Kathak Literary Award 2017.

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