Monday, April 1, 2019



(Never-Was Lover)

With trembling lip and tear-filled eyes,
I silently blow you one final kiss across the miles.
I’ll hold and protect the memories here inside
where no dust can gather and no sun can fade.
I’ll let my mind share your sweet blossom smile with my heart on those cold, lonely nights when no comfort can be found, and no joy
can be created from the ashes of my past.
With trembling lip and tear-filled eyes,
I silently blow you one final kiss across the miles.
And with a sad, quivering smile, I turn and walk away... Farewell, my never-was lover.


Lay with me in the golden field
and the Earth will hold us in a
loving embrace as sweet breezes
brush our bodies and the cotton
clouds swirl through the warm
sunshine as it streams through
the wind-waved trees and the
rocks and stones bear witness to
our passion while the birds chant
the soundtrack to our pagan romp.


The dark, waving ocean
rocks me to sleep
as the singing winds
pipe through the
flapping white sails
and the silent stars
wink down upon me in
shimmering indifference.
No chill wind can match
the iciness of my heart
and no salty spray
can equal the tears
that trickle from my eyes
in salt-filled, bitter
streams of loneliness.


KENNETH NORMAN COOK was born in New England and raised in California in the 1960s. It was there in Southern California, in grade school that he began to fall in love with words, through a sixth grade English assignment to write a poem about Halloween. His entry was selected to be published in the school newsletter and that started him on a lifetime sojourn through the creative world known as poetry. After living away for many years, Kenneth is back in California, where he continues to write daily. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, including Wildfire Publications Monthly Magazine, where he is a co-contributor for a section on tips for writers. He has been featured in numerous poetry anthologies and has released a newly revised edition of his poetry collection, Shadow Walk With Me. Kenneth is the  author of five books: Shadow Walk with Me, This Side of Nothing, Theater of the Absurd,  From Dark Corners and Dusty attics, and Strange Bedfellows. His upcoming sixth book: All Too Human, is scheduled for publication in March, 2019.

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