Monday, April 1, 2019




When you're alone with no fellow around
Looking for a partner to soothe the sorrow
You keep suffering from when you're let down
You can walk in the dark and talk to a star
It will let the reassurance inside you grow
By communicating its companionship with a glimpse
Telling that you are a piece in a puzzle named universe
Tied together with a spiritual strength
When you're lost and thirsty in the hot dry desert
You feel the fresh breeze whispering with insistence
That many plants and flowers may grow in a desert
Worshiping to help a bird feed and heat a nestling
Sacrificing their lives to disown materialist strength
And make the world believe in the spiritual strength
That the Almighty created the creatures to compromise
To bring together disoriented pieces in the puzzled universe.
Houda Boukassoula


I have a dream
Not really my dream
A dispassionate dream
Unlike personal dreams
It flies without feathers
Looking for what’s better
Trying to establish a reality
Full of respect and dignity
Where happiness and pride
Could be shared worldwide
Eagerly looking for a world
Where justice has the supreme word
Where there’s no place for racism
Nor for hatred or terrorism
Where a bird and a fly
Share with jets the same sky.
Houda Boukassoula


Happiness oh happiness!
When you are in my existence
Heart and soul are in lightness
I will clutch you though you're rare
And you seem in my world nowhere
Or I will reach you in your world over there
Now I know what I need as a fare
Of the trip from my world to go there
I just need to consider what I do with care
Lest I harm any creature here or there
I will leave all that hinders me to go there
The race for lust and wealth with selfishness
That leads to hatred conflicts and wickedness
As I know peace and harmony make your sphere
When I'll reach you as a sun I'll shine to share
Your warmth on every human soul in distress.
Houda Boukassoula


HOUDA BOUKASSOULA was born in Tunisia in 1969. Graduated from Tunis1 University of Arts and Human Sciences. Worked as an English teacher in Tunisian high schools. Started writing poems in Arabic and French at high school. Has written articles as a Basic Plus Author in Has recently started writing English poems on spirituality, humanity, peace, love and nature.

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