Monday, April 1, 2019




Why some people are blind
And they keep in the mind,
That all depends by the will
When is about love to feel,
As time the life proved, no doubt,
That in love, all is only hazard,
And no matter the dream,
Always the sadness will win?

Why all this dream to find the pair,
When life, sometimes, is not fair?
Why they still want to love deep,
When life is only a trip,
Too short, to find love true
And, at last, to be happy, too?

Why and why are in the mind,
And the answer never find,
As time love is hope of life
And one dream always alive!


In the darkness of your soul
Only sin has place.
Even the tears can't melt your heart.
Your smile is an ocean of ice,
Your gaze is more sharply
Than a knife.
You are your selfish king,
And the owner of your cold soul,
A stone wall between you and the world.
You think you are happy,
And you have no equal,
But don't know that
Your last second, in this world,
Will be longer than all your life,
Enough to make you to understand that
It's too late to change something
Inside you...


You caught my eyes madly,
With your wonderful smile
And my heart feels greatly,
For life, not only for a while.

Is love at first sight, I know,
And the world start to change,
You made happiness to flow
And things become strange.

Everywhere the birds sing
And trees have flowers, a lot,
Even if it is not in spring,
Only winter, snow and cold.

But I am sure is love's magic,
And all seems to be stupid,
My heart feel quite angelic
When is the arrow of Cupid.
© Sorina Ivan - All rights reserved.


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