Monday, April 1, 2019




Littered the word "love", tired of holes, to tears.
And the creator of any art can compose a lot of lies.
Do not feel hungry and dry land,
He arches contemptuously eyebrow.
Oh, "catchers of human souls," what do you know about love?
About her, where two would embrace, about love, that universal, big,
What brings all life on earth, stops conflicts with hostility.
And follow the theme of love teach in magazines, movies.
Yes, once they knew how to love, and now we care.
We grumble about temperaments, time scolding,
And the ardor of criticism is justified.
But no one will ever know: how she loved, and how he loved.
This feeling is so vibrant, tenderly, a rare gift is to save it...
Like a spring flower snowdrop, what can neither stomp nor disrupt!


Scrolling another page of life that went easy
You seem like an overseas bird what flies high.
And no dove, no tit, and not a seagull soar.
Colorful Firebird spread two wings.
They hid the house, hid the family,
Embraced, pressed to his chest.
Everything is fine that was but no worse is ahead!
I do not remember you in black, this color is not for you.
The color of the night you involuntarily
Prefer the palette of the day.
Red, yellow, blue those colors of the sun and fire
Forever friends with you, keep your warmth!


Your bow, violinist  flutters,
And I’m not breathing.
Everything in me rings and melts:
Heart, body and soul.
Reset your usual worries:
From his magic hands
Not a single fake note –
Clear, clear graceful sound!
As the violinist sings and groans,
And the can be no mistake,
He is the a great musician!
So we women, I will not hide,
In our dreams flare up,
Waiting and waiting for life sometimes
Our virtuoso violinist.
Here is a lot of fun, with a smile –
The comparison will be interesting
We play together, like a violin
Our love and life play.


LARISSA I. AYVAZYAN: Born on September 21, 1955 in town of Borschev, the USSR, Russian, femily. As a singer appeared with concerts in Russia and abroad (the USA, Sweden, Bulgaria). Released 12 musical albums. Her songs are on the air at various Russian and foreign radio stations. Along with musical career has been writing poems. Her pieces of poetry were printed in internet poetry magazine “New Literature”. She is the Member of International Association of Writers and Artists (IWA). In February, 2016 her new edition of poems “Age of Happiness” was brought out. In January, 2019 another edition of poems “Second wind” as published. Lara Ayvazyan has been appearing with her songs and poems at a number of stages of Moscow.

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