Monday, April 1, 2019




Smooth, cold ,stone faced steps, continue oblivious,
Past footsteps, worn dips and hollows characterise, while still offering uniformity.
Shiny surfaced key stones reflect the palms of old, steadying the step
Or simply feeling the texture.
Slits serving as windows allow ravens access to build funeral pyre nests.
Final steps , panoramic mountainous vistas.
Proudly atop, a bannered pole displaying the scarlet dragon.


In a wooden cabin by a lake,
having awoke refreshed before the dawn,
night sounds of the hooting tawny owls now changing
to the sweet songs of the passerines.
Veranda on the waters edge furnished with benched-table.
Laptop, loaded camera, steaming coffee. Waiting for inspiration.

The sun not yet full, shows as an orange fire through
willows on the far side of the mirrored water.
Reflective of the paintings on a Chinese Satsuma vase.
Warm breezes supply dancing in the air from the poplars new leafs,
Shimmying between silver/white and dark green.
Giving a magical two tone display

Within touching distance the diamond colours of a Regal Kingfisher,
watching eagerly its quarry of sticklebacks,
who swim the wall of death beneath its perch.
Once again the ponds taught surface exhibit
ever expanding circles as the rainbow bird,
dives, catches and returns to its hunting post, triumphant.


From the depths of the Mariana trench
to the Goldfish pond in the garden
From the vast expanse of the oceans
to the mire of quag under the mangroves bows
water, the chemical mix of life’s blood to all that exists on earth.

The reason and only reason that such a nugatory planet as ours
should be of interest to the more advanced of the space civilisations.
Totally impervious to the diverse life forms of the earth,
its histories and cultures had long ago been lived and moved on from by
the multi dimensional “Thrum” the invaders.

All that is life supporting taken by the Thrum to increase empire and ego
No raping or pillage no starving or indoctrination
No negotiation no warning no land invasion
Life on earth treated with total insignificants.
On returning back to its own planets the Thrums commander recalled
a similar visit to this quadrant a few million years ago
where some red planet was denuded of its h2o.


JOHN MUNN: John was born and bred in the welsh valleys, He has had some recognition from his recent book “Amoeba to super god in a given period of time” He enjoys writing on subtle , diverse and even sublime subjects. His second book of thoughts and poems “the little boy who turned crocodile” is to be published shortly.

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