Monday, April 1, 2019




I walk along the quiet paths
Among the secret chairs where thought rests
Inside and without
Into the sky and underground
Dont ask me to show you
Let them grow remain
One day you may join me
Then we can watch caterpillars forage
Inside the leaves of memory
Hidden words and shade
But until then
Their secrets remain inside cocooned
Silently hiding when daylight overwhelms
CL Rolfe @ 2019


Ice melts of oceans
Flows in a ventricle
Powerful beat of angry hearts
Their eyes were blind
And ears deaf
A thousand generations
No end of history in sight
Forgotten to fix the gap
Between solidity of rich ice
Staring at the liberated masses
hungry in open seas
CL Rolfe @ 2019


In between oceans
Lie beds woven
with dreams of castles
Built high with minarets
Reaching taller than mountains
With broken hearts of stone
Drifting under the shades of palm
Chiselled into a star
Under the cloud gathering
over a sea held back by
the warm smile of beach sand
The desert understands
the wetness of tears
Richness of welcome
How a heart can wander
and call many places home


CLARE ROLFE is self published writer from Australia. She is an avid traveler and finds her inspirations in the natural world philosophy and science. She writes poetry and fiction.

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