Monday, April 1, 2019




A poet's pen is awesome.
it never sleeps...
It goes to bed hungry anxiously
ready to wake up and write again...
Wants only to make its thirst quenched when it never can
it holds on to the tomorrows and cannot forget the past.
Writes with love and pain and sometimes hatred
to satisfy the hurt that life can cause~ AND LAST...
Hold that Poet's pen
hold it to your heart
to sing its praises
that cannot take a flight
sings of many sorrows
never to see the light of day
its buried in many hearts
the prisons of come what may...
The roving poet
sings of yesterday
crying of tomorrows
which will never come
the Poet's pen never rests
always cries tears to hold it on.
Brooke Dylan ©


These books line the walls of time
Old and outdated but strong in their revenue
Stacks upon stacks of multiple words.
Precious words so strong
Scary words that prolong
Speaking to empty hearts
Prying into starlight eyes
Single handedly strokes our egos
Books taken unto the graves of many
Or dashes the strings of time
The feel or smell of long ago
Makes this mind explore
To take time not to let go
Of our precious books
That can or cannot restore the pages of time.
Brooke Dylan ©


It was a typewriter that got me started
Years of hitting those keystrokes
A bloody time it has been
Sometimes pleasure, sometimes pain
How rich and rewarding
Or down right disgust
At words that would or would not form.
It took me years to gather my thoughts
It would take me years to write what happened
But as years passed I forgave the ones
That hurt my younger self
That was the only way I could live
Now its keyboard on my laptop
Now its tears that dissipated
Now its smiles of long ago
Coming to terms with the past
Coming to terms with love..
God guides my keystrokes
God guards my heart
The Lord Jesus blesses my soul.
The typewriter is an old relic
But a great memory
Of perfect form of yesteryears ...
Brooke Dylan ©

DEBORAH is an author of 54 books. She is published on and Amazon plus Barnes and Nobel. She is VP and Co-Owner of Wildfire Publications, LLc and Wildfire Magazine.

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