Saturday, August 1, 2020


Remembering The Last Dance . . .

I remember the events of the old evening,
when I agreed to go to the ball with them,
since then grief has been measured in decades
a, my heart breaks when I think of that June night.
It was our unique evening,
I wore the dress he bought me,
a hug shone around my neck instead of a necklace,
and through a kiss he whispered to me:
"My love, you will be the most beautiful tonight".
Holding hands on the podium,
we stopped, loud applause shaking the hall,
we enjoyed the beauty we shone with
and not realizing that this was our last dance.
And now it’s like I hear those firm footsteps,
and a striking expression sewn to the lash.
As I intertwined my steps, I also touched the clouds
and his firm hands turned me into a bird.
There is still indescribable sadness in my heart,
and the outlines of the time when the night was crowned,
our last dance that is divine,
the game of bad luck overshadowed everything.
I still keep the cloak of blue tulle,
I never wore his dress again,
a sad swallow nestled in my heart
it reminds me of dancing and lost love.
Maybe sometimes he hears the melody of this song
I will ask the wind to carry it to him,
to whisper to him that my eternal restlessness remains,
and packed pain in a letter without an address. . .
© Slavka Bozovic

You Gave Me Wings. . .

Remember my first song?
Written, with a pen of pain,
Fountains were pouring out of my soul,
With a heart, dead in half.
You suddenly appeared,
With a tear in my eye, I called you,
I saw you as an Angel,
Which landed from a galaxy.
I asked for heavenly grace,
I knelt on my knees,
With enlightened hands,
Your love has revived me.
Now I write songs about happiness,
The heart healed light,
As I write with you, I breathe,
You gave me the wings of an angel.
© Slavka Bozovic

Do Not Worry . . .

Insomnia dresses fit me nicely
I sewed one and indigo color
If your peace is defiled, remove them from your heart
and be happy, don't worry about me.
Listen, now the cosmos is echoing softly
drinks the distance from my fingers
The celestial spindle binds us with threads
Don't worry about sadness and my sleepless nights.
I scan your feelings with a sigh
the purest that is born in an instant
Just like painting the wind with colors
the smell of constellations or the taste of water.
Don't worry about the excessive cloud of longing
sleep like an angel,
let the sun wake you up
Maybe one day I'll come to you in my dreams
And melt the pain of longing, with warm kisses.
Don't worry about me just be happy
hide your sorrow so that no one sees it
The wind when he puts me on your chest
the stars will testify that we have always loved each other.
© Slavka Bozovic

Summer Nights. . .

Summer evenings whisper to the stars
the carnival dances through the heavenly eye
and our silences intertwine there
to reopen the longing deeply
Contours call us night crowns
we want to wander endlessly
a winding aber can occur
that the other good is somewhere out there
And that often happens by who knows which way
the hands on the clock match
our only witness is the moon yellow
That our thinking in orbit fuses
At least we meet so much
how much heaven gives us strength
no one can trace us
The moon is hiding us on this summer night. . .
Slavka Božović

The Hand Of An Angel . . .

Do you remember, my first songs
Written in pain with ink
the fountain poured out of the soul
With a heart, half dead
Suddenly you showed up
Those tears called to you
You tamed all my pain
You raised me with an angelic hand
And I asked Heaven for mercy
You gave it to me nobly
He hugged me with a friendly heart
The magic of empathy revived me
Now I write songs about happiness
The heart composes a song
I write and breathe with you
Thank you, my heavenly angel,
© Slavka Božović


SLAVKA BOŽOVIĆ was born on 1965. in Niksic - Montenegro, where she graduated from the School of Economics and lives, works and creates in her hometown. She created poetry from her early childhood, and was a member of numerous recitation, acting and creative sections. Her works have been presented in more than 80 regional and world anthologies and joint collections, and have been translated into several world languages. She also has a significant share in electronic journals, domestic and foreign websites, as well as on radio frequencies where it is heard on all meridians. She has won numerous high awards: statues, medals, charters, plaques, diplomas, certificates ... at local and international festivals. Her poetry is highly ranked in the world. Slavka was named captain of world poetry at the world's most visited forum "StoriMirron" She is also the guardian of world poetry and the winner of the bronze medal for 2020 from - Silvio Bartolazio - president of world poetry. As a dedicated humanitarian activist who participates in contributing to the spread of love for peace and tolerance of humanity Slavka was inaugurated as an ambassador of peace for Montenegro and the winner of the prestigious "Icon of Peace" award. She also received the international title of Ambassador for Culture and Creativity from the International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity. The Luso-Brazilian Academy of Arts and Poetry awarded Slavka Bozovic the title of academic coordinator of Montenegro. Slavka is an exemplary wife and mother of three adult children - academic citizens.

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