Sunday, November 1, 2020





As Long


My voice abates, and what is worse

You cannot hear.

I wouldn't write a poor verse

To you, my dear.


What can't be cured must be endured.

My soul is shattered,

As you have shamelessly abjured

Me for the better.


The winter chill has come anew,

The slush is freezing.

I've got no tears to cry for you

And no more reason.


The clock will stop to tick its song―

Eternal bonding―

And nothing will come true as long

As I keep wanting.






Special friends are very few.

Darling, you have scored!

I was born to play with you,

So you won't be bored.

All is fair, no foolish tricks!

Gaming should be fun.

Neither tag, nor hide-and-seek,

It's another one:

Old and famous merry game

Called blind-man's-buff.

You're older than I am –

Take and tie a scarf!

Blindfold me, I will be 'it',

You will hold a bell.

Make it jingle, do not sit,

Move around my cell!

I can hear through the walls,

I can break them down.

I'm listening to your voice,

Catching every sound.

Time is long, I have to learn

Where you are, my pal…

Since I've found you, it's your turn!

Listen to my bell! 







Time is running around the dial

How mysterious are His ways

Is it punishment or a trial?

She agrees

She never obeys


Ice and fire, discouraging haze

Turning black into white and back

All looks clearer in a blaze

Of one's suffering

But the dark


She is stranger than God by a mile

Now is bleak and tomorrow's hidden

Yet she walks with a happy smile

As though it is not Hell but Eden




GALINA ITALYANSKAYA, 43 y.o., born in the USSR in a small northern town, now living in Russia with her children and working as an English teacher. Since the early childhood she’s been in love with nature: dense forests, rivers and lakes, mountains and seas. Actually, its beauty surrounds her all her life. She has

travelled a lot, and it is always a source of inspiration. Her other interests are photography and art. She loves to draw pictures, and she hardly can imagine going on a trip or just for a walk without a camera. Galina has written poetry since her school years. About 10 years ago she composed her first poem in English, inspired by her friend from abroad. And thanks to poetry she’s found many good friends all over the world. In 2015 she joined “Poets Unite Worldwide” group, and some of her poems were published in their anthologies.

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