Sunday, November 1, 2020





Embers Beaches


I fapped mad

Then the matter fled enlightenment

She caressed me until ...

Half the white of the Atlas snow and the light

I burst into the rocks of my heart

Twelve eyes ..

Every eye narrates a month of months !!

She said ..

Recreation and rest

Until your drunk fog clears up

To sing the verses of embrace with the smile of flowers

I scent for ever ..

It revives the rest of those who were lying

Between the ribs of the graves

The cacophony of the sleep of the bed rattled

To wake up from his inactivity and stalk his pores atrophy

The courtship has come to my abode and the dimension perishes me

The water bottle for the waterers is to be rented.

If you know it is the heavens

Red camel give birth to livelihood

I said ..

That Muhannad shines red

And he accepted what was before of the sacrifice.

But huhs .. huhs

From the hyperkinesis of the bells they erupt

And every cry for the reefs of death

Dania Kattoufha ready for the grip of Eagles

Do not carry in the evening quiver

Missing Norse Anklet Ring

I flew over my sails and shook up

To take a transit visa .. !!

Jazzy embers beaches

Every flowery letter fell from your lips

With an excuse, and you are excused from others.

Peace Poet / Adnan Rikani





It Is The Biggest Issue ..


If you want, grow me

In the pores of your tender body

With raindrops ..

My mirror does not reflect the image of my heart

Except when the virginity of its ashes is washed away

Tails of wild winds ..

The hearts go in the way of charity

And the honest will have mercy

On the horrors that fall between the lips

Before it fell into the mouth of the servants

Here we share the fragments of absurdity with the ghosts

With the silence of the cemeteries ..

And mausoleums with a laconic stalk

Our leadership without sails,

They carry us the dendrites of the barbed spines

Let us sing with the humiliation of the river, the hoarseness of the sound

And his path collides with the sorrow of the stones

Before the night snows are released ..

The creatures of the compact stars were deformed.

Between my fingers amputated by a string of smoke

Tickle the saliva of insomnia.

My harlot whilst mixed with my shadow

Moments of my flabby youth rebellion

With stubborn illusory watch dancers

Who will adopt that raging flood?

Like Spanish bulls in an exclusion ring

Evidence of prejudices ..

You master the language of miracles.

He connects the two two loneliness with a sacred bond

Breaks the dust of the helpless intentions

According to the beating of the heavy tones of the heart

Consecrate his madness to another madness ..

He is inspired by the costumes of memories

A pink poem shawl ...

A spirit was contained in my camp

Like a blueberry scent in the morning

And in the evening the blueberry will have a richness

And between this and that, it is the biggest issue ..

The cup of menia is sucked

And she was sipped with lips covered in fiber

A refill, a flash, a flash, a toil, a flash

From the rounds in the rupture of her arteries

They clothe themselves with the crackle of the fires that they burned ..

Before her being encircled by darkness departs

O legislator with the traps of my crushed stature

I am dismayed by the groaning of your deadly sighs ..

As long as we are ... two parallel lines on the bleak horizon

We dispute the last leaf of an autumn branch

And the curse of the gray and the ugliness of wrinkles follow me

And the lips of the hanging walls weeping with the tears of Christ

Peace Poet / Adnan Rikani





It Cannot Be Deferred


The long stretches of the night suckle from the breast of absence.

Dulled with an eye of waiting, flying in the spirit of fractured anxiety, scorching the bread crumbs and cracking the rivers of pain studded with grooves of a residual life, riding the terrain of its melodies inside a windy cloud's throat, that elusive delirium kills my basmati with spots of the color of cranberries, and asks me for a inflammable song, above the strings of melodies Lips made clear that could not be postponed.

Come, let us breathe a sigh of relief from the holes of longing

We sing to the writings of insomnia and boredom

The sighs of that empty bed, the corners of the room, in which the ordinances of love have not been prayed for a long time, and have not been prayed with the sound of its roaring

Sad, come boycott the pride, applaud the axis of survival and meeting ...





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