Sunday, May 1, 2022



Books, Took Me To Buenos Aires


Sit in this iron box floating in the air, across the window the west-side clouds rose like a rolling river

The copper pillars on the wings of the plane, set aside the chaos and dust-free

Beyond the blue sky, the sunlight passes by the ear like an arrow

The valleys were faintly silent and the lakes were so empty, I raised my eyes and looked at her beside me

She pointed out the window and I realized that the westerly wind even blew across the ocean

Already followed us to Buenos Aires


Like revisiting the old thing, in Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a former modern poem

As always caught in the page alone, fortunately, to have you, held my hand and followed closely my heart

Like the fairy sitting on the vault

Rebuild order among the pigeons, angels, and garlands

The power of love and peace came from the bookshelf

Let me, a person from a foreign ethnic group, sit on the floor and enjoyed harmony


The frescoes of Raffaello, flowing like blue waves

How many heroes fought for fame, and were inscribed in the books

After all, we could not get rid of the harassment of Plato and Aristotle as early as possible.

On the return trip, traveled into the sunset and left the book fragrance alone with emotion

Passing by a corner market, I want to write a poem

Was shocked to find the large and small bookstores everywhere

The fragrance of books, sweet Osmanthus, and small alleys

Why did the literati who came and gone in one drink and got in such a hurry to leave?

The Beach Of Eternal Youth


Not to sleep, the forest on the shore casts the mature smell of trees!

The sound of laughter, the simple words of friendship in the past!

On the beach, singing deep into the shadow of the sun


Let’s dance and give your playmates a wonderful life

Under the turmoil of the white waves, catch the breath of the wind

In the old days, the simple prayers on campus

With the sunset, the chorus of rose clouds

A poem waiting for the sea


The hull in the distance is sliding

Inhabits between seaweed and starfish

Seagull's wings are blanching


Scratch the delicate skin of the beach!


The sea breeze, the unforgettable breath

Burn the eternal seeds between us

With the faint sunlight, the shiny sea

The ridgeline of the beach is raised in the distance

A young heart bursts with youth like a vine sprout


If so, my friends!

The past ten years have only been full of floating flowers

In this warm spring season

On this beach with waves

Let us cherish it, this gathering again



Prof. Dr. TZEMIN ITION TSAI(蔡澤民博士) was born in Taiwan(China). He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and two Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering. He is a scholar with a wide range of expertise, while maintaining a common and positive interest in science, engineering, and literature. Dr. Tsai is not just an accomplished poet, he is an essayist, novelist, columnist, editor, translator, academic, engineer, mathematician, and so many other things. His literary creation specializes and expertise in the description of nature, the anatomy of emotion and humanity, life writing, graphic writing, cross-domain writing, and so on. Dr. Tsai has carried out a number of educational research with the development of teaching materials in his country. He has won many national literary awards. His literary works have been anthologized and published in books, journals, and newspapers in more than 40 countries and translated into more than 20 languages. Tsai is a professor at Asia University(Taiwan), editor of Reading, Writing, and Teaching academic text. He also writes the long-term columns for Chinese Language Monthly in Taiwan. There are many famous poets from different countries in the world through his Chinese translations and introductions were able to be recognized by the people of China.

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