Sunday, May 1, 2022




The Meeting Of Looks.


The meeting of glances ...

a plunge into deep emotional abysses,

an uplift between dangerous eddies ...

cirrus clouds that capture

and lift the soul

with sudden power

and then, once again, let it down, in free fall,

up to the center

of the disillusioned reality.

Concetta La Placa © All rights reserved.


A Smile Of Faded Love


Every now and then I get lost,

thinking about you,

to our precious youth

and to the life already lived,

that will never return.


I meet you in the twisted mazes of my mind,

where your silence is mute,

and they climb into the past

and they tire my soul a little

of melancholy nostalgia.


I'm looking for you, but I can't find you anymore

and I discover that your smile of love has faded,

like some black and white photos

and then I try to color it again

with brushstrokes of renewed hope.

Concetta la Placa © All rights reserved.


You In My Thoughts


In this sky

I want to get lost

my saddest thoughts,

dye them fiery red,

let them be carried around freely

from wandering clouds,

so that they may err

in the infinity of my soul,

with the colors of joy and love,

to always remember and anchor you.

Concetta  La Placa © All rights reserved. 




CONCETTA LA PLACA: She was born in Caltanissetta on 30/07/1960 and lives in Rome. Since she was a child, she has always shown that she has a creative character. She has a degree in Social Policy Management. She loves literature and poetry. She is very fond of reading and creative writing. In December 2020 she published her first collection, entitled "Cosmic Love And Emotions In The Wind". It is a collection of 55 poems, all connected by a single "fil rouge": Cosmic Love, which is the love for the little things that surround us in this immensity and the love for simplicity enriched only by pure emotions and true feelings. She has participated in many competitions, obtaining many honorable mentions and merit. many of these poems have been published in the various anthologies of the many competitions.

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