Sunday, May 1, 2022



Create A Light House By Myself


Close the door and windows

Keep the winter cold and haze out

Hometown, I'm sorry for you

I can't see your tree

I can't hear your birds’ songs

I hid in the old house of the school

Turn on the incandescent lamp, electric stove

to make a house of warm

Hometown, I can't help you

to eliminate the coughing haze

Now I'm coughing in the house

I'm afraid to pass my cough on to the haze

I'm afraid of the students running and playing in the fog

premature cough in the shadow of growth

I have to hide in the house

to dig the sunshine of my heart

to refine the blue sky and white cloud of poetry

Hometown, I now have tears in my eyes

I really can't help you

When I open the wooden door of the old house

I'll give it to you

the inner light of the house


The Footprints Of A Bird In The Sand


With the golden trees following us

We got off the bus and ran into the Gobi

Singing and dancing and shouting

In the desert in the sun in the wind

Searching for strange stones with joy.

Suddenly, an American poet found

A line of footprints of a bird imprinted in the sand.

They are smiling, small and fine

Just like flowers opening in the wind.

She took some photos of these footprints.

Watching and studying them,

We discussed the interesting things:

When did the bird walk through?

Is it a boy or a girl?  

Was the bird happy or lonely?

What was it looking for then?

We wanted to know very much

If it knows we are studying it.

We also left footprints in time and space,

But I don't know who will come to study.


Half Spring


Spring sprouts from hearing

from other end of telephone

You passed me the place of appointment

I followed your voice

To seek the other half of Spring


Spring blooms from sense of taste

at both sides of the table

You are smiling like a Spring flower

I am talking like the passion of the sun

shaking hands with the other half of Spring


Spring starts fragrance from spirit

on both banks of time

You handing your fine book to me

I dedicating poetic praise for you

Spray jumping joyfully and sweetly


Spring dreams from the memory

Space is micro-drunken

You taking away the smile of peach flowers

I winding the emotion of Spring breeze

This half Spring is missing that half poetically




WILLIAM ZHOU, has studied and written poetry for 30 years and published Chinese, English and translated works in literary newspapers and magazines both at home and abroad. He won the domestic literature award 3 times and the international literature award 3 times. He published 2 books of Chinese poetry and 2 books of Chinese English bilingual Poems. He was invited to attend the World Congress of Poets 8 times. His Chinese English bilingual poems were selected into “China Poems” 8 times and English poems selected into “World Poems” 8 times. His poems were translated into 8 kinds of foreign languages. Now he is the life member of World Congress of Poets, vice secretary-general of the Chinese Office of the World Congress of Poets, member of the Chinese Academy of poetry and member of the Sichuan Writers' Association.


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