Sunday, May 1, 2022






She is as sweet as strawberry

And tastes like fresh honey

Straight from the honeycomb

She dances well to the rhythm

Of the nature's music

Singing beautiful songs

As she walks towards him

He loves her loves her not

Two minds in trouble

The joy of singing together

With nature she finds it a

Sublime need

She is an all in all

With trials and errors

She hates to say quits as

She finds it cowardice

She moves on with her life

Smooth and slow

Not in a hurry at all

She has enough time

To learn all what she can

And she is sure to accomplish

All what she wants from life

She is a combination

Of wisdom and compassion

With no envy in her heart

She goes on singing

Glories to motherland

Who provides all

With our needs and more

She loves her pets

And pampers them with

Love and care

They sleep with her

Cuddling and linking her

And she enjoys their company

She is that girl Who

Loves her life



The Woman Power


She is a combination of a woman

and a front-line warrior

Fighting for our nation guarding

From outside forces


She is angelic and innocent

With a revolver hidden in her

Boots for convenience sake

Whenever she wanted, out

comes the revolver looking

fiercely at the enemies


She never shot anyone except

The people doing evil all around

Her walk so majestic and

With grace eyes sparkle

In the midnight so bright


She goes from house to house

To see if the young girls are

Safe or not, it could be midnight

Or a rainy night she does

Her work with full conscience


She fears none but all fear

Her looks and walks

The rowdies run for their lives

To get away from her piercing eyes


She even bows to evil doers

And they become pious

After hearing her sermon

Every morning and night


Such is the woman power

Please understand !



The Flute


When I hear the bamboo flute

I go running to

My worship place

To kneel down and

Thank Him for all

What He has gifted me


My words fail to praise

Him and I start singing

Holy hymns

He keeps smiling at me

From the branch of a

Tree where He is hiding

The Gopikas' clothes

And He wants them

To beg them to give

Back their clothes

With a naughty smile

He sweetly throws

The clothes to them

And happily they wear

The wet clothes

Sticking to their bodies

He disappears to heaven

Promising to return

The next day same time

The whole village

Loves His naughty ways

And follow Him whenever they can

A mesmerising Lord

We have and we adore

His mischievous ways



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