Sunday, May 1, 2022





Oh! my tree with the frilled costume

And sweet tickling perfume

Since you unveiled your beauty

My life resumed its glee


Your height anchored my eyes

And hope allied with my days

Time rode quiet and smooth

For moaning wounds to soothe


Black pitched from my thought

Dissolved and turned rosy

Pink spread itself with no alloy

And spring sprang with no fault


The sun cupped my all

And I shone by night.

My cup half-full

Smiled with delight


Clouds bid farewell,

Poured their heart

Into streams on the ground

For more brighter days.





Living twice

Between my feelings

Thoughts and words

I sensed conspiracy

Then the private

Was dragged.


I became a reader

Lagging behind

An intimacy

Turned public, for you and for me


And I allowed the mind

To toss the dice,

And again

I felt the imagery and lived twice


I saw released feelings

In harmony

hugging a deferred dream

That became true


And I enjoyed the scene

Of a shared poem

That no more

Belongs to me.





What's Going On?

In my dreams, I saw a school library

under lock and key.

A teacher hiding behind

a knee-length tree,

staring at kids wearing in hippie.


I saw a devil bumping in a ring,

I saw a poster reading:

"Hope renewal with rifle and gun"

A riot, a queer sight.

All under siege!


I saw a kid holding a rifle,

shouting "revenge, revenge "

I saw two deputies on a see-saw

chatting, taking a selfie!

I saw Law deserting the constituency


I saw streets boiling, seething with skulls

And a little girl playing "Hang Man"

Drained bodies swinging, bubbles overhead

I read: "victims of insecurity"

I saw a mess!


I saw people carrying chains

sweating, bleeding, bleating

"terror is agonizing, agony is terrifying"

Then the crowd started beating the drum,

spluttering, stuttering, beating about the bush:

hush! hush!


I saw a mess! A wolf's soliloquy

A herd barking and babies

swaddled in white crying


I woke up in sweat, short of breath

moaning: what's going on? What's going on?

Is it a dream or reality?????


Gigi Mejri ©©



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