Sunday, May 1, 2022



Left Behind


what is life

a line whose beginning and end points are known

sometimes with combative waves

sometimes with gentle winds

with flooding tears

with instant happiness

with time, flowing like a wind

what is life

a line whose beginning and end points are known

that leaves no permanent traces other than art



Translated By Baki Yiğit




Within The Sediment Of The Earthquake


i must reborn in every pain

just to spite injustice called death

i still sing the song of humanity

just the spite the woes i got covered with and my broken dreams


Translated By Baki Yiğit






how do we know

what this stagnation

is pregnant with

how and when

our hopes

will be broken

will our clogged ears

and our unseeing eyes open

one day


Translated By Baki Yiğit




GÜZIN ORALKAN was born in Malatya. She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. She is a founding member and President of Aegean Culture Foundation. She is General Secretary of KIBATEK Association. She is a member of the Association of Language, the Association of Litterateurs, and PEN International. She has served as a member of the Organizing Committee for Izmir Short Story Days for many years. She has been participating in the organizing committees of various national and international art events for a long period of time. Her poems have been published both in domestic and foreign literary magazines, shared books, and anthologies, and have been translated into foreign languages. Some lyrics that she wrote have been composed by famous composers and taken place in TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) repertoire. TRT's archive series "Music Bundle" CD Volume 1 includes her work. Her poetry collection The Offended Reflection has been published by Yasakmeyve Publisher. Her two poetry books are ready for publishing.

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