Sunday, May 1, 2022



Sunflowers For Ukraine


Paintings of sunflowers, a sign off hope and peace.

Humanitarian efforts trying to save the hopeless.

Nothing cannot be said to ease the pain.

The missiles kept coming.

A child cries of hunger and thirst.

The worried faces, the tired feet, the long wait.

How long?

Can they hold these sunflowers?

So the enemy can see their hearts,

see their softness.

Can they say a pray, without moving their lips?

Will their eyes of worries give away their fears?

They want to be free, but their faith is thin.

Cry long and hard into the night.

Hope they (enemy) hear the voices echoes.

That they too will cry.


Watch Our Backs


The fight rages on, Ukraine, Russia.

Then who, China US?

Got a shared message to start

stocking up on food stuff.

The line trickles down,

then it’s an unexpected hit.

Get cases of water, can stuff items.

Bible prophesy soon to be fulfilled.

Will be waiting and praying.

Time is not waiting, it’s going.

No need to be upset or mad.

The wars were there before.

That’s why the world is in trouble.

Walk straight, don’t look back,

Keep fighting for peace and justice.

That’s the cry of life.


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