Sunday, May 1, 2022




She Is The One

She is kind and compassionate
covered in stardust
A childlike laughter
her twinkle of eyes speaks her playful posture
her mischievous dance with the radiating stars
magnetize the viewers to look at her
she lay her heart wide open
to the sun and the moon
to the rose and the bud
by adding a drop of magical essence
which act as a fuel, and spark for her fragrance
during her absence
she mastered the dance
she runs with the melody
as a daughter of romantic prosody
she is capable to bring a smile to my face
an extra redness to my cheekbones
She is tender and generous as the sky
Little extra sympathetic to me
With each passing day her charm  

and magical breeze fascinates me
She is the one
gentle kind of girl who changed me.


This exchange is surprising, alluring and obsessive
All at once prone to it
That morning your voice greetings was special
The magical speech touched and turned my skin pink
When I listened ,I felt you were near to me
My whereabouts were known to thee
We cheered each other holding the cup of tea
In exchange to your greetings I attempted to  share my thoughts
Through some selected words keeping your taste buds
Hopefully you liked it and immediately delivered your second round of speech
Which was more intense and precise
With more connotation and little punctuation
I liked the vibration
Wanted to sip the delight of association little longer
Exchange note continued till we became conscious of the time
In between this period of exchange
We knew each other’s likes and dislikes
We accepted each other’s vibes
We became addicted to each other’s existence in our lives.



Sometimes I feel the heaviness in me is suffocating
My` senses and numbs my speeches
Sometimes I feel tired  of to carry the weight of expectations
This raises my palpitation and germinates fear of rejection
In these moments my fatigue cells search fresh air and water
In these moments my  exhausted arteries remember you
Your words indicate some place to rest
Underneath the stars
Beneath the shadow of moon
I beseech  them to stay little longer  
I request them to spread their calmness wider
so that
They will pierce my pours to make me feel light
They will awaken my energy to move with delight.




LOPAMUDRA MISHRA, resides in Bhubaneswar Orissa.  She completed her graduation in English Hons from Sailabala Women’s college, Cuttack and post –graduation in English from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Her fascination for writing came from her grandfather and father from an early age. Writing for her is the powerful medium of expression. Her poems have been published in many magazines and anthologies. Her works include her very own published books - “Rhyme of Rain”, “First Rain”,” Tingling Parables”, “Rivulet of Emotions”,” Red Tulips”.

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