Sunday, May 1, 2022



I believe!


I believe in God

Yes, the power of mystery

That hovers over us all

Is way too confusing

For our human minds to choose

Not to believe in it!


I believe in Love

Yes, it must be its course

That allows the world

To keep singing odes

To fairies and angels

So as to have them keep watching

Over us all,

Merely to allow us to welcome new dawns!


I believe in the good forces

That each and everyone

Can use

To build bridges in our own


So as to become perfect

Versions of ourselves so as

To illuminate the faces of those whose paths we

Shall cross with sparkling lights

And colorful rainbows!


I believe in myself,

In that little voice which chooses

The color of my next dress

Or in which play I want to go and watch

Or in which menu I want to prepare for dinner

I believe in myself

As, if I don't

Who would believe in me?


I believe in life

Even if it is impermanent,

And harsh,

It's course being at times tranquil

And at others, tsunamic!

I believe in it

Because I got born with magic

Spelled out in my heart,

And while I shall be existing in this realm

I shall try my best

To fill the canvas that has been given to me

With creative odes, glittering with stardust!




Be bold,

Like a panther,

Aim at your prey skillfully,

And shoot,

At the right time!


Be wise,

Like a monk,

Choose when your oceans

Are calm and your eyes reflecting

The aura of twinkling stars!


Be generous,

Like a doting mother,


Of all you have,

To honor faith and religion,

To value yourself and your kin

And to aid those who need it most!


Be merciful,

Like a sage,

Forgive even your enemies

For walking with burdens in your bag,

Is not worthy of this temporary journey!


Be peaceful,

Like the dove enjoying the sunset,

Be the reason why wars cease,

Guns get dropped and relief

Washes over the world like

A bright ray of sunshine at dawn!


Be supportive,

Like a book,

Give your time and your advice

To help the world choose

That which shall be best for it!




Yes, just be,

The inspiration that inspires!


Peace Message To The World


I am no magician,

No trend setter,

No influencer,

No motivational speaker,


The poet that inhabits me

Bids the world to be soothed,

For wars,

Whether at personal or at territorial level

Are certainly not worth it!


What does this world give us

If not freedom without having

To attach ourselves to it?


What does this world give us

If not a physical life in a lapse of time

A life that is meant to be switched off

At a preset time?


In such a world,

There is no place for battles of ego,

For wars,

For jealousy or envy,

For resentment or anything

That would have us clenching our teeth

Or holding out our fists to each other,

With glaring and angry eyes!


In such a world,

What matters,

Is making the most out of our time,

Taking the care

To sing ecstatic poetic lines

In the minds of each and everyone

So as to create memories

And to be the lights which

Shine subtly in each of us

And from which we originate!



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