Sunday, May 1, 2022





Time  consumes

like a candle flame

that with a breath

in nothingness disperses

And at night

in  the silence

the heart full of bitterness

I would  grab and

get back

those handfuls of life

that day after day

in vain each other chased

But only grows in me

the regret

@ Maria Miraglia




At war with my inspiration

never as spiteful

as these days

when she knocks at my door

I welcome her with reverence

and soon bent on the keyboard

even-handed to capture

powerful and vague emotions

but the verses I've just worded

soon fly up in the air

scattered in thousands of pieces

almost joyous of my regret

she smiles mocking me

but seriously exhorts

let you go

listen to the nature silence

your heart whispers

be your mind

of all the beauty antenna

and never forget

the poet can't be the censor

of himself

devoutly I listen and

when she goes

my white sheet

full of black lines

as migratory swallows

against the background

of a clear sky

@Maria Miraglia.



We meet people,

so many,

more than we can count.


Maybe  travelling

in pubs or schools

fair or nasty ones

mean or compassionate

black or white

Christian or Muslims


Each with their destinies

their stories to tell

their happiness and sorrows


We talk with them

listen to them

share segments of life


to come back

each to walk

the paths of our individual lives


nothing abides

neither the memories

shadows fading away

@Maria Miraglia



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