Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Fare ye well.

Merciless daughter of boundless silence,
a feather trampled by invisible bodies.
Object of wasted desire
lashing the  body.
You stood out!
And I offered you
wholesome love and chaste sentiments
but you chose to plunge your body and soul
in a whirlpool of dead-end emotions,
resisting my every move!
So, I bid you goodbye,
my soul steeped in sorrow!
For the life
you never lived,
For the love
you never found!
I let you wallow in the oblivion
of your insecurities!
I wring the pain
wrapping my arms around my chest,
I dry up my tears,
tearing my soul apart,
I pick up the pieces
of my broken heart
and l take my leave.
Because I love you!


Drop by drop your tears
I drink,
kiss after kiss in your lips
I sink,
eyes blurred,
hands holding tight
as bodies
love’s built a nest.

The Morning and Evening Star
showered us with gifts
and the whole starry sky
came down in our amidst.

The cubed god joined them
in a song
while a heron peeped out
chirping along!

Nature crafted
its loveliest landscape,
all its elements
coming together
for our sake!


Eternal symbol of beauty,
mythical form of Orpheus.
Divine spirit of Nature’s force!
Maenad, enveloped in lascivious dances
and occult arts that entrance the mortals!

I witnessed your art
I heard your melody,
I tried my hand again and again
before becoming privy to your secrets.

But your music faded away!
And I lost the melody
and I lost my way!

I asked Tantalus to give me water
to quench my thirst
while Sisyphus stopped dragging his rock
to help me get some rest.

Pluto and Eurydice
were moved by my woes!
They showed me the way
out of the underworld…
I wonder what the point was.

There is but such a short distance between
the two worlds.
The quest for your form is ever present!
I look for your voice amidst the buzz of sounds.


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