Tuesday, November 1, 2016




Welcome the new life
Forget the past
It's a waste
Close the chapter

Live in the moment
With divine thoughts
Not a waste
Worry not for tomorrow

Enjoy the spring blossoms
Caress them, whisper to them
Love of your life
Fragrant flowers

Welcome the beauty of autumn
See the golden leaves shedding
Don't shed a tear
New leaves are sprouting

Let go of the seasons
You are a seasoned human
Blessed by God !

©® Sarala Balachandran


Enjoying the lovely spring
looking at the beautiful flowers
in all colours of mixed fragrances
sweeping all around the garden
nostalgia engulfs me
when he and me used to
sit and pluck flowers together
making garlands for our altar
and one for my long hair
flowing like dark clouds
behind me swaying in the breeze
while I walk, and he pulling my hair !
We laughed like children
so innocent and pure was our love
Few tear drops fall from my eyes unknowingly wetting my
youthful cheeks, he asking me what
makes me cry with a worried look !
Time flew and now the autumn
too is over with all the
golden leaves spread under the tree
and swept away into the yard !
While in autumn I saw few green leaves
sprouting and was hopeful
of a new life together
which we enjoy now with sweet memories of our youth !
The nature's ways can't be changed
and time and tide waits for none !
Often we go for a walk to the lovely
park and enjoy the autumn leaves
spread like a beautiful carpet
and rest on the bench where we sat
years back !

Enjoy your life when you are young
as there is an old age waiting for all !
We grow in wisdom as we grow old
Which we lack when our blood is hot!

©® Sarala Balachandran


Coming to meet you
with some sunlight in a bowl
some fragrant breeze in a bag
a red rose in my hand
and a song in my heart
with love in my eyes
looking at you with desire
to say that I love you !
The fragrance will hug you
the sunlight all over your body
giving you a tan
to compliment your complexion
the lovely peach !
I will tuck the red rose
In your silken hair
flowing like a river tossing it over
left and right !
You look beautiful and divine
In your lovely pink dress
cuddling your body tight
I wish I was the pink dress !
©® Sarala balachandran

An ode to my lover:

My unwritten loveletter
kept safely in the core of my heart
singing a song of passion
to the person I loved most
It brings tears to my eyes
Continuous cry for justice
My melodies still unsung
My guitar lying idle
My piano keys dusty
My lover is black
He has a heart of gold
But people hated him for his colour
People mock him and call him black man
But he is lily to my heart!
What a shame to hate the colour of a man
And not seeing the beauty of his heart
I will lock my love in my heart's safe
And will never let it be in the open
As I don't want him to get hurt
My love for him is total
Not for sexual pleasures
But for his golden heart
Which only I can see !

©® Sarala Balachandran


With hope in my soul
And a smile on my lips
I walk along the muddy path
Singing a song of love for all
Hope is that all I have
When I lose my hope
He hugs me tight !
He tells me move on with
Your hope and never let it die !
With hope in my soul
I walk along with song in my heart
And a lantern in my hand
Burning bright !
Looking at all nook n corner
To see the suffering mass !
I go from street to street
To help the blind and deaf
I look for the ones on pavements too
To help them with what I have !
My only aim is helping the poor
With a song in my heart
I walk along carrying my
Lantern shining bright !
I have a hope in my soul
And a purpose in life
For which I seek His help !
I have miles before I sleep
As the hope in my soul
Is strong and pure !
Morning noon or night
Sunny rainy or winter
I care not for my comfort !
Hope in my soul
is my driving force !
If my hope dies I become
a barren land and
nothing left to live for !
Carrying my hope with
A strong will in my heart !
I am called the Sister of Hope
By all the needy and poor !
Let me hold my head high
with grace and burning love
and walk with my lantern
shining bright
With a hope in my soul
And a song in my heart !

©® Sarala Balachandran


The weak twinkle in her brown eyes
a sign of her heart's cry
Trying to hide her tears
from the holy crowd
Who are chanting away
Godly names !
She moves in slow pace
With a lonesome feeling
trying to find  happiness somewhere
which is evading her every time !
Thinking of old days
When she was in love
With a schizopfrenic
A mad love that was
In her sweet teens !
He had his mood swings
Love her and love her not, a tough situation !
She got confused
Started analysing him
He was not in love with her
It was his mood for love !
She cried a lot behind closed doors
but she can't bear his violence
his cruelty at times followed by
his violent passion n love!
She tried her best to take him
for treatment, all in vain !
She was at a loss what to do
She loved him a lot to leave him to destiny, a bleak destiny with stigma attached !
She had no choice but to let go of him
with a deep wound in her heart
a heart that loved a schizophrenic !

(Dedicated to mentally ill .. a stigma which still prevails)


Sat on the terrace for a
while watching the
amazing sky colours
It took us back thirty years
when we witnessed such
colourful sky, never before or after !
I took out my canvas n paints
put it back coz I know
He alone can paint the
sky so beautiful !
My heart whispered a song
of love for my creator
for such a splash of colours
feasting human eyes !

©® Sarala Balachandran


I walked through the muddy path
all alone with my dream
of finding my lost soul
lost for years together !
The muddy path gave me no clue
of my  soul wandering elsewhere!
I have only my outer shell now
without a soul !
I climbed the chiseled way
through the mountains to the top
could hear some echo far away !
Wanted to get back my lost soul
corrupted by the mundane world
and to purify my beautiful soul
with the pure water from Sangam,
the sacred river !
found my way back down
to reach Sangam
fetched a pot of the holy water
back to the mountains I climbed
again through the chiseled path
to hear the echo of my soul !
Sat and waited for hours
heard a thunderbolt strike
the echo transcending to
the mountain and entered
my holy heart !
I drank some holy water and
sprinkled some where I was sitting !
I felt a rejuvenated me,
a total change in me occurred
I was a new me, a new creation !
I am happy I possess my purified soul !

©®-Sarala Balachandran

THE RHYTHM ........

All along I was dancing to his rhythm
which was taking me nowhere !
I  composed a new rhythm of love
to suit the lovers that we are !
Come, my love, dance to my rhythm
the sweet rhythm of love  !
Listen to the melody playing nearby
by the deaf and mute
echoing in my ears !
They are playing the violin,
the sweet music of our love !
A thorn in my heart
hearing the disabled playing music
for no return, only making
others happy !
Come, let us go and greet the
children and hug them tight
Buy them some gifts
as the festivals are on
to make their hearts joyful
which is our Master's command !
Let's obey Him and serve Him
The greatest joy ever !

Sarala Balachandran



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