Tuesday, November 1, 2016




HO my love…
HO my angel..

Don’t go anywhere from me..
Stay then here forever with me…

Don’t show your crabbed eye
Upon my life…
Please confer me, be as moon eye
Then blow a gentle breeze
on my life…

My blood flows nimble..
Singing your name like humble…

My vein always remember your blee..
By your presence, my heart always glee…

O my love..
O my angel..

Don’t go anywhere from me..
Please stay always with in me…

Kiran Athrey…


I created you,
I created every things for you
from my imagination
like occultist creates wonderland
I nourished, from my counsel
like childbed feeds her infant

I taught you
To give respect for propinquity..
Almost, finished all the lessons of
life by ingenuity..

Also engendered you helpmates
be like stars in gloomy day..
Without disgust who
delights you for every day..

I dreamt, for this world
you become a sociability..
I desired, you should keep
then fallow the morality..

I directed you as you should go
in good way with honest.
But you resolved to move
in other way with molice.

You grew up,
without my knowledge
You infested evil nature by yourself
like ocean devours the earth.

Now, you crossed my limitations
You blew my hopes in the air
You shown to me,
how dreams  falls on
the surface of the earth
like falling leaves.
You dressed up by cruel
face like hypocrite folks..

Moreover, I can’t tolerate you
Completely, Nobody can see
remains of you in future
I do,
As a creator
As a writer….

Kiran Athrey


HO my dear love..
just remember me..
When you be in sad,
How I shivered in front of you
when i met you at first time,
Which makes you smile…
Then forget me….

Just remember me
When you be in angry,
What I cracked unlaughable jokes
when i was with you,
Which feels you joy..
Then forget me.

Just remember me
When you be alone,
How I pretended like friend of you
when i wore mask of silence,
Which intrudes you pessimism
Then forgive me..

Just remember me
When you get disgust about  life,
How I still live in memories of you
Which makes you fright
Then don’t forget me...

Just remember me

when you.........!!!!!!


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