Tuesday, November 1, 2016




When the two hell planes dashed on Twin Towers
People trapped inside had no escape from death!
Building was crushing down and fire was flaring up
Even if you jumped from above, death was sure below!

Terrorism of the worst kind was enacted in New York
For the world to witness on TVs telecast by monitors!
News of darkest day blared all over the world for days
And years have passed without a way to forget it ever!

Is it a small inhuman act to forget and forgive at all ever?
World nations are supporting ban on capital punishment;
Can this crime be given life imprisonment in lieu of death?

Only extreme sadists enjoy terroristic violence without
Any sense of love, goodness, beauty and truth ever sure!
They should be punished to bring up women and children!


Why is terrorism showing its ugly head
Anywhere at any time now and then....?
Terrorism is the work of wayward and
Good for nothing fellows failing in life!

These ruthless mercenaries do anything
For money under the garb of some creed,
When actually there's no connection at all
Between them and religion in the least!

The radical bigots getting funds from rich
Stupids go ahead enacting their jingoism...
Terrorizing people like the racists bullying
To satisfy their egoism in the rich quarters!

Irredeemable incorrigible one only indulges in
Such heinous acts to satisfy one's sadistic self!


One man’s food is another man’s poison in the world;
Place of tourism has become a place of terrorism now!
World is not safe for tours in the wake of terrorism
That has no nation, no boundaries and no state players!

Terrorism based on backward fanatic faith is vague
In its approach to modern world of developments.
So, civilised nations have decided to eliminate it fast
For peace, stability, security and progress to go on!

Terrorist attacks in USA, UK, Asia and India are condemned.
Terrorism for the world is fight for freedom for some few!
Consequences of terrorism are losses of lives and properties
That have made many nations cautious in world dealings!

Tourism or terrorism? A fearful question in world tourist spots
Has made many to avoid tours there though nothing happens!


Freedom fighters dying for the cause are honoured as martyrs;
But how can separatists dying in the fight be praised as martyrs?
If they happen to be extremists/terrorists, who can glorify them?

Terrorists calling themselves as freedom fighters are not good ones;
Terrorists working for separatism cannot also be called as good ones;
Both of them soaked in the same pond can be only bad terrorists!

There are no good or bad terrorists to be eulogized or glorified ever!
They are all prone to violence cannot achieve anything for peace!
Their all activities end only in shattered pieces by bomb blasts sure!

Relying upon such extremists many a soul has been sacrificed so long
That at least here afterwards youths should realize their responsibility
And strive for good cause with broad ambition to achieve best thing!

For, such kind of antisocial elements are all radical bigots of religions
Leading wayward youngsters to nowhere with any guarantee reliable!


The spectre of violence is wielding power now
Whether it is Syria or France or Lebanon or
Whatever country in the world making all
Blink as to how to control and contain it....!

United Nations resolution is being awfully all
Are waiting to take united action against terror
Unleashed by Spectre in the world for long
Day by day going on unabatedly sans check..!

It's sooner the better all think to crush terror
In the bud itself before it flourishes favouring
The incorrigible mercenaries recruited by the
Spectre of terrorism under a black flag NOW!

Silencing voice of spectre only can give solace
To the world society for peace and prosperity!


World War on Terrorism continues like a protracted guerilla war
That is doing great havocs as in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan
In some form or other in a multiplied manner in many countries
Like Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Africa ever!

Not only Communism and capitalism and tradition and modernity
But also democracy and dictatorship and terrorism and civilisation
Perpetuate wars in the world making world peace a distant dream
Due to sharing of natural resources and distribution of land for all!

Right, might, status quo, supremacy are the causes of wars;
Poverty, inequality, ignorance are also the causes for wars;
Droughts, lack of natural resources also lead to many wars;
Rivalry due to religions, regions and races also lead to wars!

Socio-economic progress with world class education is needed
In South America, Africa, India, Asia and the Middle East world.
Infrastructural developments to provide connectivity is a must
That provides facilities to invest in on agro or fishing industries.

Preserving ecology, empowering women and self help facilities
In some nations have transformed social security towards peace.
Settlements of disputes through negotiations brought peace
Among nations too by the mediation of peace loving leaders!

Peace, unity, brotherhood and love help maintain coexistence;
International culture develops thereby based on friendship too!
By such developments one world too can be created for peace
Adopting one language, one currency and common laws for all!


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  1. Dear Editor,

    I convey my thanks for publishing my poems on Terrorism in Nov. 2016 of OPA in a wonderful way attracting more readers to my page!