Tuesday, November 1, 2016


 “Mankind must put an end to war
before war puts an end to mankind.”
~John F. Kennedy~

It does not matter where a person dwells upon this Earth; we all witness the effects of war: A solider on the frontlines, images that daily reel over media, first hand witness of bloodshed, terrorism, heartache, pain, uncertainty with no gain. Martin Luther King Jr said, “If we are to have peace on earth…Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; And this means we must develop a world perspective.” Mankind needs to find a better position, create a new paradigm, and come to the forefront; in the advancement of peace and prosperity.

All throughout history, man has fought fellow man. The position of ideals has had such strong roots, in every corner of the world, that the blood of man taints the soil in which we take our steps. Every country has faced its own civil wars and attacks, but in the perspective of the world, we have witnessed World War I, World War II, and it seems, in the 21st century in which we currently live, the world is marching into a third World War. The position of hate has overtaken the perspective of peace and prosperity. The sounds of harmony have gone flat, which causes many to cringe at its sour tones. The tainted music of hate plays daily, over a loud speaker, which is heard all over the world. We must revert our ideals into a world perspective, and create a new paradigm.

The world has to create a new paradigm before we destroy one another. We need to find a better model to follow. There is no doubt that some people in the world are just plain evil; roaming the earth, polluting it with each blackened step. Their only intent is to destroy anything or anyone who is against their stained ideals. Wherever you may dwell, we all face this type of evil, and the unknown fills humanity with fear. But those of us who desire freedom of hate, to witness unity consume the hearts of man, and want to take a stand against the war of humanity, need to come to the forefront; planting our feet upon a greater intent.

Our Poetry Archive has come to the forefront, positioning ourselves in the advancement of peace. We have found a position of great importance by unifying poets and readers from each corner of the world. We have expanded the tapestry of beauty for all the world to see and appreciate. Our Poetry Archive is innovating new methods, in its course, uniting and exposing freedom of words in our modern age. Our philosophy of peace is central to the paradigm in which we continually create and model month to month. We are advancing our march in the view of hope and prosperity for all mankind. Our Poetry Archive’s greatest desire is for all to come to the forefront with us; the forefront of today’s inspiring poets and writers around the world.

Let us not sit in the background, but continue to lead, with focused attention, with our influential words that inspire, encourage and impel others; kindling the flame of hope, peace and prosperity for all mankind. May our words provoke positive emotion, redirecting feelings of hate. Mold yourself into the perspective of unity, contributing to the paradigm of peace in which we model, and come stand with us on the forefronts, as we promote positive innovations in our position of greatness.

Our Poetry Archive’s newest intention is to publish continental poets and poetess from every corner of the world. We have pursued this newest idea so readers of this blog may grasp the literary forms of poets from each continent, and find appreciation in each writer. In the October 2016 Edition, we featured poems from 48 European poets. Though we failed to represent poems from every corner of Europe, we feel this a great representative effort, on behalf of Our Poetry Archive. Our next continental publication will feature poets from North America. The Special Continental Edition numbers will be in the December 2016 edition. We have an open invitation, for submission, for this upcoming project.

For this month’s November 2016 General Edition, Our Poetry Archive is pleased to introduce the Featured Poet of the month; Alicia Minjarez Ramirez! We encourage everyone to read her inspiring words, found in her personal responses given, in our interview with her. Alicia has also contributed five personal poems for all to read.

Please take time and enjoy the talent Our Poetry Archive has added to the November 2016 General Edition. Those who would like to participate in our upcoming editions, please send at least three poems and a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication of your copyrighted materials in OPA well before the 21st of every month. Again a reminder: December will be a Special Continental Edition, featuring poets from North America, then the January Edition will be a General Edition. Please specify, in the subject line of your email, which edition you are submitting to, to avoid any confusion, and also to assure your poems are published in the correct edition. Those who are submitting to the Special Continental Edition, please state where you are from as well. Thank you! Our Poetry Archive’s email address is: ourpoetryarchive@gmail.com

Author Stacia Lynn Reynolds, editor, sincerely thanks each and every poet, poetess and reader who is actively involved in this wonderful blog and continued support of Our Poetry Archive.
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  1. Like in other issues of the past OPA, the Nov. 2016 editorial is also quite interesting to read!

  2. Thank you TA Ramesh! Your kind comments are appreciated.