Tuesday, November 1, 2016




The life is like a labyrinth
we all were mistaken in this game
the ways are challenged, we are captivated
the ways make us to mistake

we find difficulties and hurt us to find a way
we look for the finish in the ways
As finishes are the kernels of our lives
that takes to our aims!

but we find the door
but want to go back to tough life
we win and go from a game
but a winner will not have a desire to back...

The life is like a labyrinth


A white rose...
The Universe gifted you
Created you solely for me
But you were subject
To torture and torment
Because of my love of you.

Yet your thorns did not
Scratch my hands
Ruthlessly I scratched you
Red bloodshed
from your green body
You swallowed blood, and my soul cried

Tears of the heart
Became visible in the eyes
It shed blood
Instead of tears
Crying-crying bitterly
Your leaves became scarlet

There is no recourse but consent
My soul fondled you with love
From love for the sole love
I created you - a red rose!


Live with love, dears live with love
Love gifts happiness and care!
Okay, for the love live as fire!
Love is the exact step to aim that brings happiness

Without love, no need heart?
is the diffences soul without love and stone
live with love, for the love lives as fire!
Stone is better than cruel love

in every second, the human is alife with love
In every second, humanly is in the 7th heaven
However, do not complain this
it was created to care for souls!

Live with love,dears, love insatiable
realise the feeling that always with you
Because it worth for 1000times without doubt
Parents, Motherland, Humans and Allah !


Distance...divides us,
Distance...is the barrage
Maybe it's also tested for us,
maybe it's done by fate.

Though we are using differently,
the distance that divided us
not for betrayes, do not guess so
Distance was given to miss !!!


My sad glances look with hope,
waits for your back,
But, there is no hope anymore, is unfulfilled dreams,
there is a leaf fall season in the way that you left,
and that have pain which I wote for

there are tears in my pupils, not goes out on my face
even my face is fed up with tears,
why my agitation goess out with words,
Because I have no left words for you!
I became sole sad wihout you !

You left and now cannot go back,
you left, alas I cannot tell you anything,
MAybe, I could not respect you.
I believed you with my God
there is no life for me without you !!!


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