Tuesday, November 1, 2016



"Though, my wording expressions are
not so poetic.
Yet, I'm proceeding little steps
to refine my confined thoughts.
Muse of my mind are made for
the sake of mankind.
My fingers are defining their destination
through keyboard snapshots.
Sometimes I travel
in the aroma of violet shade of tales.
Sometimes my path covers with
the imaginative crystals of frost.
Sometimes the wilderness
dislocate my destination.
Sometimes my immense courage finds
lost ways in the dirt of past.
Hindrance never stops me
to freely act.
Intention of intense feelings are
my tacit pact.
Be a poet
before becoming a man.
To Ignite rhythmic & peaceable tune
like a Saint.!!"_________

~~~*! THE REVERIE !*~~~
"I flow in the reverie and
collide with ashore.
I scatter in infinitive drops and
connecting myself for flow.
I vaporise myself
to touch the cosmic heights.
With huge discharge of lighting
I create thundering clouds.
I'm from the womb
of mother Earth.
Which always convene me
to come on her lap.
I'm grateful to get her
great affection.
So, with the drops of rain
I come to make her evergreen again."______

"Preserve your past & live in the present.
Believe in your presence & never remain in absence.

Be alive in those moments which make you laugh.
See the innocent nature of a softy calf -

It shakes tail to and fro.
At the time of drinking milk from the mother- cow.

See the eagerness of baby chirp -
As welcoming dawn by flapping its wings.

The Moon appears in the foggy night
by wearing the dress of silvery white.

Twinkling stars of surmise suddenly vanish.
We can hear morning prayers in Hindi, English and Danish.

In the joy of filling nectar in bee-hive.
I'm sowing flowering seeds which can rise high in the sky.!!"______


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