Tuesday, November 1, 2016




I locked the iron grill,
To stay unharmed by outer drips,
Getting acquainted with the chilling spree,
My days rolled on and on ,
Without the melody of cascading pyre,
Never I grumbled for its presence either,
I get tired of changing my attire in  fun fare,
Gradually losing my self confidence,
Puzzling at times, who am I in this hemisphere,
The leave less tree  often questions me,
Why I abandoned myself from luscious  divine breeze,
I would say ,you can crop  new leaves, but me can only heave,
She then smilingly speaks ,’new crop grows from heap,
Just  relax  n feel the soothing wind,”
Miracles can happen, Summer can be spring,
Log suddenly caught fire,
The cool wind added fuel ,
Gaping my mouth I  weave a desire,
To dance as the butterfly in the garden of rose,
To inhale the breeze and cover myself with sprinkles ,
Singing and dancing with the melody of the cool spring
Decided to open the grill . .


My image in the wall is webbed,
I saw it, wanted to clean the photo frame,
While dusting I found the stubborn dirt,
Sticking it like a gel,
My efforts needed more energy to wipe ,
From the cleaned sketch
I visualise my fading smile,
Lost in the counting days,
From the grave of dust I saw my sorry state,
Polishing  and winnowing  to look straight,'
The arrow  pierce my bosom,
I bleed with jolts of emotions,
My final results  are not impressive,
Years of hard work  melting  to tears,
Beyond the camera my smile lost its blue,
Me, novice ,that my experience proves,
Each test I try my best,
Consoling me that now I achieved my craze,

The  glasses slipped from my  hands,
From the scattered  pieces I draw my image,,
Faded  and fragile ,blank eyes looking towards the fainted sky,
The redness of setting Sun blinks with hope,
After the shower ,the Sun will surely come,
It may take time ,
Sky will clear its cloud to shine,
Now I smile, looking at the picture frame,
Hazards may come but I will not bend me,
Rather will face them with courage,
This is how I will regain my faded smile.

I saw you in my balcony,
In my room, in my close eyelids,
In my sleep you descended your place,
Sitting on the golden throne,
Like night’s nocturnal creature,
I wander hither n thither to wipe you from my dreams,
To  have a better sleep,
The warmth of your memory ,
Warms my blood cells,
Its running and flowing with speedy trail,
The  fire I saw in your eyes,
Is driving me insane,
Why you came to me ? and this flame,
From the cool spectrum of moon rays,
Your sprinklers of  crazy rays ,
Makes me ride in the horse back,
I jumped from mountain to mountain ,
Climbing and weaving abundance of romantic tales,
Your call I can hear even in this rambler’s pace,
I wait for your  passionate trails,
I don’t want to get addicted to it either,
But heart never follows the way,
It is always eager to listen the torrents of passion
That I hear from the cool moon rays . .


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