Thursday, December 1, 2016




We are not skinny we are getting older.

We have a few pounds and more age
But we are alive and trying to survive~

We cry and work and just want to love
We are poets.
We are authors we are mothers and lovers~

Yes BUT We survive~

People come against us.
We cry.
But Oh Wow oh wow!!
We shake it off and we survive~

We have our best friends.
But some come and go
But dam we always survive~

We love our Awesome God
We believe in faith and love
And we have evil forces come against us
But guess what? WE survive~

It doesn't matter what we look like
We love. We hope ~ we adore. . But
Dam we survive~
And shame on the men that turn their noses up at us~


Debbie Brooks @ 2016


An Immortalized poetess against the echoing
solid walls of time.
In bare feet she dances her muse in verdant green meadows
of soft carpet in a bottomless valley;tracing her fingertips along the gnarled linesof a dying oak and bid it farewell~

Bathing in babbling brooks that giggled at
her tiredness dried oneself in the wispy autumn winds.
Upon mountaintops, she has squeezed sunsets between
her forefinger and thumb and slowly opened them again to
the shimmering glow of a new red moon~

She has slept beneath a canopy of universes and composed
dreams against shimmering stars;
Built wet sandcastles fit for Queens on foreign shores
and fed them to the ravenous world~

Cascading waterfalls were written tumbling
muse, while angelfish nibbled at dropped metaphors.
In the Eastern Islands, she flew stars built from
forest of marsh and fiber palms until they were lost
by drifting lonely clouds~

The return to a new day awaits, and a thousand more
miles beneath her feet before this life is drawn complete.
Awakening a memory, she closes her eyes
and the colors of life’s possibilities explode beneath crying lies~

Debbie Brooks@ Oct. 28, 2016


Church Bells Rang from Heaven
on this sunny day,
as she stood one last time with feelings that had become timelessas she wanted to fly away ~

As death became the beauty of life
just one more line, like precious pearls
soft and pink, fall one by one
as the church bells began to ring ~

Immortality revealed
death had become a moment
as she flew away
with wings that flew around her
on that magic day~

Standing in awe as the church bells rang
the warm breeze and not a cloud
as the music played, no more pain
not a tear was shed,
as she flew to a new life
she was an Angel today~


AUTHOR DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD lives in Tennessee USA.. author of 43 books. You can find her on LULU.COM AND AMAZON


  1. I am in awe of this beautiful Poet and Author. You have so many poetry books and novels, that I am amazed at how you've accomplished so much. Wonderful prose my beautiful friend. Much love.

    1. Thank you Carolee you are a star and you make me feel like one thank you..

    2. Magnificent poetry.. each line a gem.. I especially like Church Bells Rang..brava Deborah.

  2. so wonderful to read...

  3. si nice perfect..

  4. deep beautiful and wonderful

  5. You are a pleasure and an Inspiration to know. Your Poetry has grown by leaps and bounds to the point where now you are a Universe of Poetic-ness within yourself revolving around everyone whose lives you come in contact with, touching them with your infinite grace. Your body of works speak for themselves, whether they scream or command silence; we listen, we learn, we admire. We are better people, more competent writers ourselves, because of the love you have bestowed upon every one of your readers, regardless of whether they know you personally or not. Each verse will bring them closer to the great Heart you wear on your generous sleeve.

    1. thank you Susan.. what a wonderful compliment coming from the talented and wonderful poetess you are.. you are known everywhere.. You make me smile thank you again..

  6. Awe Deb... oh so sweet the second poem...I love the church bells... And the first poem ~ I relate being up in the, I should be retired by now, age. Congrats friend

  7. Congratulations Author/Publisher/Editor Debbie Brooks Langford; first for pulling this all together with such short notice. How you gathered 51 poets across the globe with such proficiency is beyond measure. Next, for all of your hard work, commitment and dedication to "Our Poetry Archive". You are definitely one of the hardest working persons in this business! Then, to have your very own poem be included in the top 10 for the week's best poems was just phenomenal. I'm still scratching my head in awe at where you found the time to pen that magnificent piece; with all of this going on??? Finally, I thank you for pouring yourself into poets like me and because of you "Still I Write, I Write; I'll Write". Pittsburgh Author Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).

    1. thank you Renee.. you are such a joy.. ..I only help out with OUR POETRY ARCHIVES.. I think I found 28 poets .. THE REST was found by othe people that work on this website.. It is a joy finding wonderful poets like yourself..
      Makes my work complete.. God bless you and your writing..

  8. Deborah Brooks-Langford is one of the best poetess out there in the literary world. She writes with love and passion, she writes novels and poetry books along with children's books. She is one of the most published authors out there and i think she is a awesome wonderful, sweet caring loving lady. I am honored to be apart of her life, i am honored to be able to read her awesome work. I think that God has given her a natural ability for the written word.

    1. wow Cindy thank you . you are so wonderful// You make me feel like a star..

    2. I think your a star in my opinion for sure

  9. your poetry is simply, smooth and easy to read and very lovely

  10. I admire your poetry.. you make words shine like magic

  11. After reading this wonderful poetry it makes me want to write more.. I hope I can write as good as you

  12. You're awesome! You're a woman of love with exceptional talent. I gaze you up like an angel smiling so generous with her heart spreading love every moment and we are the lucky recipient of such love and shine of yours!

    1. ahhh thank you so much Helen you are the angel and a star.. love you dearly...

  13. You are such a passionate poetess who've touched the hearts of many through your wonderful romantic poetry! You go all the way to help others without asking something in return!You have a golden heart,a true compassionate writer!Love you dear Deb!

  14. Poetress Linda ChaunceyDecember 4, 2016 at 11:35 PM

    Your very Talented.
    I love romance.
    I live them all.

  15. You are amazing! Love your poetry and I love you too! Bravo, Deb! 😘

  16. Deborah is an amazing talented Author and Poetess with a heart of gold. Deborah never stops giving of herself and she is always ready to encourage other writers to aim for the stars. Distance is never a problem, she inspires everyone even across the ocean. I will be forever grateful to have met lovely Deborah. With all my love, Livia

    1. Wow Thank you so much Livia.. you are a shining star.. so glad I have met you..

  17. Deborah is a kind gentle soul. This joyful spirituality shows up in her poetry. She has a playful side, as God loves laughter! Always encouraging others. Not smiling, you can still see "joy" in her eyes, and in her INK !!! Her poetry goes around the world and then back to her as a reminder that she is loved by many! This gentle Poetess and author! I am glad to know her!

  18. thank you all for reading and commenting.. You are all wonderful..

  19. Exceptionally wonderful poetry. I have been following you and it is a wonderful journey..

  20. your poetry tells truth and beauty swept into one soul.

  21. I love your poetry every day

  22. I am loving your poetry..

  23. Poetry at its best lovely Deborah Greatxxxxxxx