Thursday, December 1, 2016




Come Dance a while with me tonight,
The moon and is up and calling you
To meet me at the waterfall.
Rise up and walk toward holy light;
The time of love's sweet rendezvousIs near –
And I need you most of all~

Come; hold me even for an hour
And loose those bonds fettering you -
More, binding me since you went away -
And be released by Heaven's power
To kiss me once beneath the moon;
And until the dawn perhaps you'll stay~

I've missed you every day since then
When you were called to another shore,
Leaving me to face the days alone -
And I've not once danced again
Nor will I, if I forever more
Stand as one where two of us had been.
---for her---

 (c) 2016 by Tom Kraft

---COME TO ME ---

(An impending visit )
Suggested by a poem
by Nikhat Bano

My door is open for you tonight
That you can look until daylight;
More than a glimpse, I'll let you see
Every breathing part of me~

You think my love's not meant for you,
That we should never rendezvous?
I will, my darling, if you come,
Show clearly you're the only one~

To share divinely such comely grace;
Reverent moments of your face
Shedding mercies from your eyes
And breathing on me paradise~

Yes, visit, please, this forlorn soul.
Come to me and make it so
That all the scars of time will fade
Into the evening of your shade –

And we will walk the hallowed halls
Of love forever as it calls.
Just come to me, yes, come to me;
For your two eyes alone will see
All the beating heart of me~

Tom Kraft @ 2016


I bud for you like leaves of spring
Their beauty fresh and new as this:
The warming of the morning dew
That turns the day into a kiss~

And so my lips convey the dream
That travels to the bursting heart
And flowers there as where it seems
My love for you had gained its start~

I've blossomed more in this short time
Than all the years I can recall ~
The onward path that brought me here
To bear my love - to share it all~

Can time dismiss the years now gone?
I know this season, new, will bring
A sparkling light to every dawn
And glow like all the leaves of spring.
--for her—


2016 by Tom Kraft

TOM KRAFT, a poet and song writer resides in Michigan. Happily married. His romantic poetry is some of the best written.


  1. Tom Your Poetry never dissappoints me its always so romantic and just beautiful to read its flawless.

  2. I call him the SONNET MASTER, for Tom Kraft is a Throw-Back of your great Rhymers of the day, the romantic writers of our times are brought back to life by this great Writer who knows how to turn a pen into golden amulets of seductive words. Things in our world have been said a million times. It's hard to be original. But the thing about Tom Kraft's Romantic and lyrical verses is that he puts a fresh spin on everything he writes so that almost you feel you are hearing those words or perceiving that scenario for the first time ever. He's that GOOD!!!! Words Love Tom and he makes love back to to them in the most gentle and extraordinary of ways.

  3. I think that Tom Kraft is one of the best sonnet writers he is known by myself as Mr. Romance , and i think he is one very talented gifted writers and poets around in the literary world for sure.