Sunday, January 1, 2017




Standing proud and tall

he came from a place where winter

was long, harsh and cruel

Not a man of many words but of actions

refusing to be put on a pedestal

wanted to be seen for whom he was most of all

strong on the outside,yet soft in the inside.

roaming many roads of the world to find his path

unraveling what destiny kept from him

never scared to confront perilous and arduous battles

or bless others with tender cares and smiles.

At night you could find him talking to the stars and moon

and by day mingling with his peers

always praising the earth and glorifying the sun


he knew of her soul way deep within

each scars, bruises and healed part that was her.

he knew of her like none could have before

he lingered and took his time to know

each of her most hidden corner of her mind

he had made her part of him

where words no more were necessary

he knew of her soul when confusion reign

amidst battle and chaos

and knew her like no other could

brought her back to a world, again and again

where peace and bliss was all she had to know..

he knew of her soul and its frailty underneath

where other saw coldness and indifference

he knew of her like none other could

and saw the warmth of a fire waiting to be lit.

he knew of her soul and the love deep within

and knew of her like none other could

and for that she was grateful


sitting on the bench somewhere

yes somewhere out there

anywhere it did not matter

cuz she could have been the girl

sitting next to you , and you

maybe did not pay attention to her.

she could have been that girl

that maybe you looked at but find uninteresting

because she was slouching with sadness in her eyes

maybe you did wonder, why was she there alone

but did not give it more thoughts, she was just not your type

you liked girls that were vivid and had light in their eyes

and wide welcoming smiles that spoke of fun and adventures.

girls that could make you laugh with their witty and silly jokes.

but if you had taken time to wonder and ask about the why?

why she was sitting alone on that bench somewhere

yes somewhere out there

anywhere as now it did not matter

she could have told you her story

and that , that day she just needed a listening ear

to make sense of what was happening

that she used to be that girl who was vivid with a light in her eyes

and a wide welcoming smile that spoke of fun and adventures

a girl who use to make someone laugh with corny and silly jokes

that she did not live in the past anymore but yet was dumbfounded by the present

that she had given her heart to her angel to guard it

until she was healed and ready again to be just that girl.

she would have make a shaped heart with her hands

and said thank you for being there and listening to her

that she found comfort and solace with you

sitting on the bench somewhere

yes somewhere out there

anywhere it did not matter ........

i give my permission for my poems to be published on you website..

thank you so much for giving us the possibility for our voice to be heard/

many blessings to you all


Born in France of Carribean parents Francoise Solace start to find that trough writing enabled her to express who she was within and that words was the undeniable way to open Doors to infinite worlds of dreams that can help shape and change our view of others and the world. Francoise Solace as the Free spirit she feel to be within in writing poetry do not encased herself in what might be considered the proper and right way to write poems.

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