Sunday, January 1, 2017




Walking and walking alone
My feet aches and nerves pull
On the deserted road
With strong wind blowing
And rains pouring
Umbrella shading my head !
I travel to my past
A vacuum in my heart
echoing in my ears
of the days we friends
walked together
miles and miles
with laughter and jokes
tickling our hearts
sitting and sipping
hot coffee in the vacant cafe
Now all have gone their own way
deserting me to walk alone
the lonely path !

I called out to few to join my walk
but no one bothered to hear me !
I looked at the beautiful reflection
of the shadows of the trees
on the wet roads and started
singing a song, walk alone man
Walk alone, you have come alone
and will leave alone
enjoy the lonely walk
before the sun set !
I learnt  how to enjoy
my walk alone whistling
to myself walk man walk
alone on the lonely path !

(If no one hears your call,  walk alone ..
Jodi tor dak sune keo na ashe tobe       ekla cholo re ......few words from a  patriotic song written by Rabindranath Tagore .. just this song came to mind
that's all )

©® Sarala Balachandran


She is carefully weaving her nest
With curious eyes you can see
To make sure no one destroys her precious nest
Which she has been weaving
For days and days
With grass and twigs from far
She flies to far away forests
To fetch the best grass
For her dwelling house
Where she will lay her eggs
and hatch her precious ones !
She is making a fairly large nest for comfort of her and
her chicks !
When she lays the eggs
She depends on her mate
To fetch their food
The good grains of choice
He will bring for her n the chicks!
They both will guard their
Precious nest throughout
Till the little ones are able
To fly, keeping a watch on
Them always !
They are proud of their chicks but alas ! Once they grow
They will fly away
To make their own nests
May be in far away woods !
Just like human beings !
It's such a wonder how they
Make such a beautiful nest
A great craft by them alone !

©® Sarala Balachandran


Let me drink from thy heart
The sweet nectar of love
Stored for all in abundance
Hold me tight to your
beautiful loving heart, enjoying
pleasure and pain
In a measured cup equal !
Let me rest on thy lap in comfort
till my wounds are healed
while you whisper in my ears
your eternal love
And I take a deep breath
In joy forever!


Let your words scatter around
Like beautiful petals from the garden
Spreading fragrance of love
Like nectar from the honeycomb
Like beautiful soft waves hitting
the banks of a river !
But why those passionate eyes teary ?
Beautiful are those pearls
of love rolling down her cheeks smudging the kohl on her lids
She looks pretty with smudged
kohl and the tear drops rolling down giving her a totally dramatic look !
But why those passionate eyes teary ?
Draped in a wine colour sari
matching her lips dipped in wine
waiting for her love coming in the ferry sailing in the beautiful vast ocean  !
The untold story of that wine coloured
lipstick still a mystery !
The red grape like studs
On her lovely ears
And the red grape necklace of garnet
On her beautiful neck
A vine yard look she emits !
But why those passionate eyes teary ?
And why the wine colour ?


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  1. Hello beautiful poetess.. love your beautiful poetry..