Sunday, January 1, 2017




Her emotions had taken root
To his wanting mind
Like ivy wrapped around
The torso of a tree trunk
Distracted by
His taunt and bulging muscles
Flexed and tense
As his husky voice dropped to a
Seductive whisper
With heightened senses stirring
Pent up and intense
Only she could send his
Heartbeat pounding
he dreamed of his fingers
In Her cascading thick hair
Holding her firmly
Feeling the heat ignited
By their desire for each other
Drawing slowly every moment
pulling back her head
Exposing her smooth neck
Finally available
To explore
to taste
To navigate
Her anxiousness
As his flickering tongue
leaves a trail of his masculine scent
His thoughts trailed indulging
In his daydreaming
As her smile carried a warmth to his soul
If she only knew what effect she had
Would she still
Stop to chat
Would she accept
the flood of his building passion
awaiting for her opening gate
Their paths crossed day after day
Not knowing that his smile
carried her through the darkest nights
he tossed and fed his fantasy
With longing anticipation
Maybe today will be the day
When she turns her head
Their paths will cross again
And for a minute for a day
Nothing else will matter
but the lures of his lustful heart
To finally come his way

Angel Bell (c) 2016


I'm savouring the moment ...,,.
Standing before your
Fire dancing in your eyes
Naked and uncovered
Feasting your hungry eyes

I'm feeling cheeky and playful
When ever in your presence
The beast and the beauty unleashed
My curse and my deathly penance

I'm melting with your desires .....
Hidden flavours seeping
burning bright lite skies

I'm Imagining what you'd taste like......
Sliding down your groove and ripple
Sinking into my dip and curve
Beaming with your smiling dimples

I'm buckling under your intentions ........
Heated  bodies under sheets in rustle
Trailing with my slender finger tips
Languishing every inch of your toned muscle

I'm entertaining this fantasy......
Traveling softly the surface of your skin
Longing to feel your tender touch
Igniting your body deep with in

I'm absorbing this moment ......
Amorous feelings stirring wild
Seizing the precious moment
Exploring sensations of every kind

I'm playing the delusional game....
Engaging what we crave to explore
Forbidden waves of desires
Too dangerous in becoming real and raw

I'm walking the circus tightrope .....
Juggling with lustful fires heightened
Swerving not to indulge and fall
Twirling Taste buds delighted

I'm missing your affection .......
Throwing pride out the door
Rolling around bed covers
Muffled moans escaping wanting you more

I'm reminiscing this scenario .....
Hidden under ruffled sheets
Sensual Souls ignited,
Flaming flavors heightened
Where two secret lovers meet

I'm day dreaming of the moment ......
Drinking our passion like fine wine
Wishing and longing for just one day
When you could really be mine
Angel Bell (c) 2016


You know l'm not that girl
To watch life slip by
With out diving in
 my wings and fly
taking the plunge
Reaching out
for the promised stars
Riding high through
galaxies in midnight sky
Having fun
Sliding off the crest of the moon
Swinging across
To the next adventure
In the middle of june
Here l go following
Another lead...
Moving on to another scene
Pages turning
Chapters burning
Heartache longing
Lovers yearning
So much loving
... in between
there's been
Tough times
Sad times
Turmoil and trials
Poetry and passion
Have rocked through
Jaggated detoured lines
Interwoven tapestry
tipping scales of fate
Rocking boats
Hanging on tightly
Landing wrecklessly at destined gate
I'm your kindred friend
Who's sharing with you
My moon lit skies
I'll paint you a rainbow
Over vast oceans
Where mighty eagles fly
I'm the dreamer
Thriving in the corner
Hidden in your mind
Your romantic soulmate
who hears tender whispers
Between Romeo and Juliet
I'm the fearless Indian warrior
who's thrives to ride the wildest stallion
Hooves Pounding
Heart beating
In rhythm with his galloping gait
The spirit in him
my primal instincts within
challenging tempting fate
I'm the wild flame
Burning freely
Delving Through creativity
I'm the girl flying
On Eagles crested wings
Soaring fast and leading me
To bigger better things
A Released prisoner from
Conformed captivity
Watch me juggle
Inter weave in between
Reality and imagination
The adventurer
The soul searcher
The poet and the painter
Ignited with divine inspiration
All reside within
the free spirited artistic soul in me
Dabbing canvases
with magic multi colored paints
Always searching for new thrills
scribbling passionate poetry
with my feathered fantasy quill

Angel Bell(c)2016

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