Sunday, January 1, 2017




All my mind can see is your face,
I must be falling in love's embrace,
Guess I'm going to play with fire,
But I can't fight this burning desire,
Greater than myself,
Impossible to play it safe,
I feel the flames of your longing,
Don't know where we are going,
Your body moves with such an elegance,
To me you're just like an evidence.


I'm a wandering soul,
A wild heart nothing can control,
A free spirit experiencing life,
Running away from hatred and strife,
Imagination and my ink are lovers,
Like the sun kisses the earth in summers.


A little bird came to me this morning,
Joyfully singing the hymn of spring,
I was there sitting alone and wondering,
The day had just begun with a breeze gently blowing,
Thoughts were running here and there in my mind,
When he majestically appeared was it a sign?
Staring at me for a moment as he landed on a branch,
I could read in his eyes so many questions,
Asking why so much pain in my heart and heavy emotions,
I tried to reach the little creature with my hand,
As the sun was rising in the sleepy land,
Feeling the need to touch his colorful plumage,
This bird was so wild yet so sage,
He looked at me one last time then turned around,
Spread his beautiful wings without a sound,
Taking away with him all my weary thoughts.

Her name is LAURE CHARAZAC, she's a 36 years old woman from Figeac, France. She's passionate by poetry and everything that is connected to it, enjoys art in general, writing is her refuge, that way she can escape reality and explore her own imagination and sensitivity.

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