Sunday, January 1, 2017




When life is blowing with the wind
I lay comatose of the vision that might once have been
I have seen today with eyes shut, my heart hurts,
visions of a future so blunt
and a past that transformed my very soul
remembering I fell fast so far below
a chaotic heart of what might have been
disorganized trying to grasp holding on for dear life again~

Daydreaming you i feel the breeze that is gently blowing
my life away~ as it casts my life into a mold~ flowing
not knowing where I have seen this life before
Turning the hands of time to remember what I adore
my soul soars for the future wanting to be clever
but nothing of this life brings to life memories of forever~

Not of this lifetime, is the mystery of my histories with you
my past haunts me through every reminiscence we lived through
or was it age of innocence that only pretends to hold us together
to mold us what we are now, with the hurts that display the tears
holding back the soul, to grow and love again forever~

Through medieval times or the dark days of renaissance
we lived, that told so much about our thoughts, age of innocence
that didn't last hearts and tears, were a life time,
our lives were so bright and we were in our prime
if not for the memories, if not for trusting with pure sweet love,
the parting of the wind that gently blow our lives above~

Dear Darling, this is the day the wind has blown my life~

Debbie Brooks Langford @ 2016


One eternal soul falls by the way side
maybe free from boundaries, tears
tears of the world that has become unfulfilled
time has passed by the magic is gone
and love is not where it should be...
Love can thirst and thrust at any time
sitting by the flowing curtains beside the window
thoughts of past friends walking away
without you I cry
without you I die
the picture is alive
every moment was perfect
the memories of the day I met you...

I am there with you, my footprints follow yours
you know not, but yes I am with you
I have read your mind
I have felt your heart
I have cried your tears
please don't shut me out
I will meet you in the rain
I will meet you here and now..

One eternal soul looks for the other eternal soul

Debbie Brooks @ 2016


Let me tell you what I remember
hot stormy nights in my south land
running barefoot through the field
hearing mom call us out the back door
momma cooking fried chicken
drinking sweet ice tea..

Trying to be quiet not seen
with tears of desperation just staying alive
dreaming of kisses from the boy next door.
Listening to the Beatles on my transistor radio
and Johnny Be Good and so many others
waiting for Daddy to come back from the war...

Trying to find clothes to fit me
from the clothes the church laid at our doorstep
being poor as a church mouse
eating grits for breakfast the third week in a row
finding my two little sisters in the cub bard eating dried Jello
out of the box to fill their hungry souls....

Dreading going to my uncles, he was such a pervert
wishing my daddy would come home and beat his ass
believing no one would believe us, we hid our hurt and shame
crying to God or anyone that would listen
love was never very fitting in those days......

Growing up to be people with problems rising as tall as the celling
just wanting to hide and float away..
Christmas would come with nothing under the tree
or maybe a pair of socks and we would cry with joy
mom would make us a cake for one birthday
with money she made from the blood of her hands
with eight kids we looked like we were starving
so many of us had hollow looks as we could not stand...

Yes life came and it went..

Some died and ran to find peace
it took a lifetime of wants to find the way at least
with millions of tears that fled down the hillside of time
we all take what we can get but finally learn to give
with little laughter in between...

Learned to live with butterflies and hearts
with little ones like us gives us a another start.
Life turns us around one day at a time
then one day you look in the mirror and cry'
what in the hell happened I use to be young
now I look like the northern sun
with wrinkles and weathered with time
hair so white, maybe just maybe I pray
it's the wrong time...

One day I will be gone from this world
God has promised a life with him
in gold and jewels of heavenly sent.
I have been blessed these many years.
but It sure will be nice to be in glory with Him..

@ 2016

AUTHOR AND POETESS DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD Lives In Tennessee USA. She has been writing all her life. She is a published Author Of 45 books….  You Can find her on and Amazon and Kindle Fire


  1. Wonderful, Deborah! :) Inspired to write again this morning! Thanks for sharing, and congrats! Hugzzz!! <3

  2. Congratulations Deborah. It's a wonderful feeling to be associated with you, your talent and generosity is unbound. With all my love, Livia

  3. always always love you poetry that speaks to my heart

  4. Absolutely delightful to read... You took me back to the early 50’s.... Awesome.

    1. thank you Bonnie .. how nice of you to visit. So very nice you are..

  5. What an inspiring poem! Love it. They all touched my heart! 💓 keep it up with the wonderful work. Love. U. 💓

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