Sunday, January 1, 2017



Being Born As A Girl - She Is Lucky Star Stepped Into My Home.
Sometimes She Was My Sister - Sometimes The Way She Cares Me Like A Mother.
She May Act Like Sister or Mother But She Is A Women
She  changes Her Name &  Her Home..
And Moves Into New Family And Build's A New Happy Home..
Everything She Does - Sometimes At The Cost Of Her Own Health, Hobbies And Beauty.
Whatever May Be Her Wishes/ Desires.
She Is Ready To Compromise Everything
Just For The Sake Of Her Husband , Kids , Brother , Parents , Etc
Everything She Does To Make You & Your Family Happy .
The Most Important Thing  Only A Women Can Do Is Giving Birth To A Child .
She Gets Pregnant And
Pregnancy Changes Her Body
Almost Gives Up In The Labour Room Due to The Unbearable Pain At The Time Of Child Birth..
Even The Kids She Delivers Bear Guy's  Surname..
So , My Request To All Men
Respect Woman As A Mother ,
Care Her Like A Sister
Talk To Her Like A Friend
Show Your Love To Your Wife
Lastly, Respecting A Women Is The Best Way To Say - How BEAUTIFUL She Is And They Are Born To Be Loved Not For Flirting..

Smile - Sweet Memories In Lips Expression
Your Smile Is A Very Powerful Weapon
Somewhere There's Someone Who Dreams Of Your Smile  
The Moment You Smile - I Smile
Seeing You Smile - Makes Me Overjoy
Let You Smile Everyday
Let Smile On Your Lips Stay Forever
Let Your Heart Fill With Happiness
Your Smile Is A Weapon - Use It Wisely
Little Movement Of Your Lips Makes Me Happy
Your Smile Makes You Preety & Beautiful
So, Let Your Smile Blossom Like A White Little Flower In The Garden
For Me Your Smile Is A NATURAL One - So It's Priceless .
A Smile Takes A Moment - But
Memory Lasts Forever .
Now All I Have Is Only Memories Of Your Smile .
As Distance Sucks - Now I Cant See You Every day - I would walk a million miles, for one of your smiles.
You cross my mind Every day  And As usual I Smile - Thinking Of You 
Behind My Smile Is Everything You'll Never Understand.
And, Reader's Never Forget Someone Who Made You Smile     Keep Smiling - Keep Sharing ..

Now I'm Sitting At The Window
Thinking Of You
Now I'm Waiting For You
To Reach My Door Step
And Enter Into My Heart
Yes , I Will Open My Window Of Heart For You - Only For You My Love 💝
I Know My Love Is True & Pure For You
Look Into My Eyes My Love - You Will Find My LOVE For You
Yes , My Eyes Are The Window which Shows My Heart & My Love For You
Now, I'm Sitting Alone
Waiting For You To Come
To Show Some Love for me
When I Have A Ocean Of Love In My Eyes For You
But You Were not there to know
And You Always Make My Eyes To Get Wet In Tears
Remember, The More You Make Me Cry ,
The More I Loose My Tears
And at the End My Love For You Is Gonna Waste In Form Of Tears
So , Plz Come Soon
Feel My Love
Let's Make Wonders Together
Bcz , You're My Heart - You're My Soul With Love -


  1. Agree - respect is the key. Thank you for the beautiful words!

  2. Thanks a lot Madam 😊 for Ur kind words