Sunday, January 1, 2017




Hey! fragrant wind ,
The day you captured me and my dreams,
I am helpless and feel like dying,
Crying for your presence in my rhyme,
Absent minded I am in public,
Search a place of solitude in traffic,
I feel your touch and squint of eyes,
In the petals of roses and in the cosy bunches,
I want to jump from the terrain of high glaciers,
To the deep green valley of lotus and lily,
To feel you and your shadow near me,
Evening and morning I wait for thee,
When you leave no traces of your feet,
My lips hide my smile among the tight lipped braces,
I sail fathomless in the ocean of plethora,,
The vacuum swells my coronary cells,
Eyes denies to blink, mind denies to weave tales,
Though you roll in me and in my dreams,
With each passing time you come closer to me,
With your fragrant beam,
I want to get drenched in the passion of thee,
More and more I crave you wind,
Now I feel you are with me.


Strange  isn’t  it ?
When my  heart beats faster
With your chirp,
My eyes lit up,
Face  starts glowing,
Lips quiver to utter  thy rhyme,
Each blink of mine see you dancing in my file,
I  became absent minded with each slide,,
Because you cracked me with the knife,
The edge pierce my wall to engrave your name,
You  came to my world with your fragrant fame,
Impressed  me with your snob,
Yes! Your hue gives me goosebumps,
My garden started flowering again,
Steam of passion flowing with rain,
Days became crimson again,
You reigns  supreme in my dreams,'I started counting stars in moonless night,
There also I see you as my knight
Riding the black horse ,holding kite,
The coloured kite bear love dipped messages,
My wings became energetic with the images,
I feel standing on virtual world,
Entwining  me  to mould with your globe,
Surprising   I accepted the knock,
As  your marvellous presence broke my door.


Oh Shower ! you poured heavenly dew ,
Pleasant and cooling erases my pain to flew,
I jumped out ,wet my face with your thunderous spell,
Now bit afraid of lightening and its after effect,
The dense cloud hide the glowing Sun,
Dark Sky play the mouthorgan,
Tunes though frightening,
,yet the mizzle is freshening,
The blisters of summer wound ready to disperse,,
With the touch of shower and its elixir,
The carpet of rainbow rinses the soul,
Giving  sensuous bumps  to the body with rising brows,
Aghast me! Stood there gazing at the variant rainbow,
Drowning me to colour my elbow,
I am in trance,
Could sense two strong hands pulling me out,
From the showering cloud,
The shower has ceased but me waiting for it


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