Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dr. santosh Bakaya


Was that light seeping through the blinds?
Ah, hallucination! Mere illusion!
There is no light, only darkness
Dismal, brooding clouds peer around
Creating a grating cacophony
Someone squirms in agony

The lakes have lost their shimmer
With every day, hope becomes dimmer.
Clouds rumble in staccato bursts of impetuous interjections
Pouring forth their bottled up wrath and intense frustration.
A banshee shrieks in an orphan’s nightmare.
Dark and dreary is the curfewed night
But rain falls with uncurfewed might.
And a vulture’s eyes shine bright
A mother throttles her sighs
And, there is a layer of mist in sky’s eyes.

The winds howl and the lakes rage
And the caged bird has fallen silent.

The sunbeams still suffuse the sky blue
But hush, danger still lurks in corners
The blind grope through dark alleys
Dust motes float with a forlorn air
In an eerie corner peace cowers
Over everything else, violence towers
Between life and death, silhouettes walk the thin edge
Unseeing eyes fixed on the spikelets of wilted flowers of the sedge.

A feather severed from wings
Drifts orphaned
And no bird sings.
Under a skeletal tree, an emaciated cat licks her wounds.
A mother throttles her sighs
Ah, look, there is again a layer of mist in sky’s eyes.


Night watched cock-eyed
Frowning at the street, tangled with busy people.
Busy dragging overstuffed suitcases, cartons of knick- knacks
Slivers of memories escaped from wall –cracks
Chasing them.
“Take us along, take us… “, they beseeched.
Howled and screamed and screeched.

At the cock-eyed night, they frowned back
With squints in their eyes [Or maybe tears?]
Ploughing on, hobbling and recoiling
Lugging, and hauling, incessantly toiling
Reluctantly exiting homes, blood boiling
Shuffling feet, muffling their sobs
Holding fast to their memories
Under their arms, next to the rib cage.
A boy clutches in his tiny hand
Just a crumpled page with squiggles.
A chortling toddler rides side –saddle
On his mom’s hip, joyously looking forward to the trip.
Eyes filled with swamp, chilled to the bones,
Hiding their groans
Some board flimsy rubber boats
In disheveled hair and shabby coats.
Battling high winds and rough seas
Jumping off a dinghy, and then crossing under a fence.
Nerves taut, eyes streaming, bodies tense.
A father kisses his daughter, walking through a rain storm
Hair disheveled, sad and ill of form
Hobbling as though on arthritic feet
Slumps against a rock
Holding his daughter next to his throbbing chest
Sagging with beleaguered acceptance.
She slips into fairyland and closes her eyes.
The father sighs.
The night watches cock-eyed.


I come from the land of flowers

And a love that overpowers

Straining to touch the moon, the clouds and the stars.

Warbler dear, perched on that barren tree

Why are your chirps, ah, so melancholy?

D’you miss the daffodils which hasted away too soon?

Or mourn that back-slapping bonhomie,

Of that bygone time, the cheery camaraderie

When you dissolved in ecstasy, perched on the luxuriant tree?

Don’t let your ears ring with screams of throttled dreams

Sing of the pageantry of meadows and cascading streams.

The scintillating grandeur of Chinar’s magicality

The sunlight on the mountaintops and its playful vivacity!

Collect twigs of those happy times, chirp metaphors of peace

Sing not of mountains cowering in fear, or the primrose wiping a tear

No more of strawberries taking to their hearts the color of gore.

See, how baby conifers stretch their tessellated arms,

Streamlets babble, feisty wavelets ripple and roar

And frisky cubs nuzzle each other

In their juvenile bid to erase those memories of gore.

Remember, I come from the land of flowers

And a love that overpowers

Straining to touch the moon, the clouds and the stars.

Dr. santosh Bakaya

Sanely insane, a pathological procrastinator, a die - hard believer in martin luther king’s dream and john Lennon’s 'imagine', dreaming of a day when there is ‘nothing to kill or die for’, and ‘all the people sharing all the world’, Santosh Bakaya has been critically acclaimed for her poetic biography of mahatma Gandhi, ballad of bapu,in may 2016, she was conferred with the universal inspirational poet award by pentasi b friendship poetry group and Ghana government. In august 2016 , she received the Dr. Yayati Madan Gandhi  international poetry award for  ballad of bapu and has also won the reuel international award [2014] for her long poem, oh hark! , Many of her poems have made it to the highly commendable category of destiny poets, a UK based poetry website, besides having figured in many international anthologies. Her latest book, where are the lilacs, a collection of peace poems, is also winning international laurels. She lives in jaipur with her husband and university going daughter.

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