Sunday, January 1, 2017



In due season you hear a crack
And see it fall
In due season it's all a reminder
That we all do grow
Petals pretty do blossom with time
Time narrates the story
But this time I see you fall
Falling in season
Falling slow

Brown is scorched , Brown is old
Brown is you and that beauty is true
Brown is the autumn leaf
The leaf falling my way
Brown is me
the soil waiting with open arms
Waiting to catch you in season
But sometimes I wonder why ,
Why my seasons seem to change slow
Catching you slow
Catching you out of season

If I plead you to wait a while
Will you feel awkward in spring's green
Will you feel out of place
A bird overstayed in the best
If I.......
If I make an excuse it's not to be awkward
If i hold you hand ,
With time you'll rot away
If I look away or step aside,
Spring's green already stands tall to catch you
So plead the clouds to hold the rains
This cycle was doomed before time began
Either way I'll always be left alone
So dear sky hold the winds
Allow me to watch her falling in season
Falling slow

I set my foot on this stage because I need your attention
But before my lips collide I know you’re ready to judge me
As the crowds take their seats they warm their hands for soon they’ll applaud
But with their standing ovation you warm your boot to crush my dreams
With a broken heart I’m tamed
Tamed like an animal in a cage of insecurity
Am I nothing more than what the bullies said?
Mirror mirror on the wall help me believe my dream is the fairest of them all

I feel boxed in by these walls of emotions
I feel boxed in by these concrete ventricles that make up your heart
I wish you could just give me the chance to speak
I wish you could let me satisfy my hunger and be heard
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
The light of a dream I had as a child
I wish you could reconsider before you hit its switch
The switch of hope I had for better days to come
I’m neither a murderer nor a no grifter
But i’m not better than a criminal if i launder these talents to my grave

Mom and dad one day we’ll need to talk
But for now, dear flesh and spirit my soul calls you to trial
From a distance my soul watched you grow your roots in indolence
Like a stalker she watched you wander off into the shadows of laziness
Always knew that there’s so much more for us out there
But what good is it if we never start somewhere
Dear man in the mirror please hear me speak
As the walls are falling down, use the bricks and build me a ladder to my dream
Though the lands are arid from years of hurt and judgement
The first drop of grace will surely bring us freedom

I'm not black enough for this world
But tell me if this blazing rage will ignite the light
I'm one line too white to fit the script
So tell me how we'll ever write this book
If you shift your frame dear sir ,
Please advise if my poem is spiced enough
If you fix your glasses mademoiselle look my way
For I too speak your tongue
Now tell me if my race truly fits
Or my eye shape makes me less

To call it a tantrum would be fair
But these questions plague my soul
Left insecure maybe I don't belong
I would apologize if for I stole your time
But forgive my skin tone if it's a curse
Help me if you care to scratch this itch

A visa I plead for I search for love.
The border between black and white seems to strict
But if I'm coloured am I a resident or refugee
They say black is no colour
They believe white is all colour
So to which race do we belong when we blush ?


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