Sunday, January 1, 2017




I look into your eyes
To see love in heaps,
Silken strings of love
Our hearts are made of,
As we hold our hands,
Even the pulsating veins understand
The love flowing in them,
Hour after hour,throbbing with passions same.

I know we have been together since ages,
I can write about our love, fill pages,
We were the flying birds in a life before,
Nesting where the oceans roared,
In love necking and pecking,
Always together, flying and singing,
Till we were done away by the gale,
To be united again, create another love tale.

Again we came together
As the bumble-bee and the flower,
Immersed in love of each other,
Drawing love's sweet nectar,
We threw away all bother,
Thinking we will be forever together,
Till I withered and perished,
But our love we both cherished.

I was the naughty wave, the ocean bore,
You the vast chested shore,
Living our love past,
We would meet each other fast,
Me lashing at and knocking your doors,
With the gulls I was not ready to share you anymore,
The day came near when I ebbed and waned,
Love unfulfilled, both pained.

You the velvety night high,
Me the twinkling star, shy,
Both pining for each other
In love to come together
We waited the entire day,
To unite and embrace come what may,
One night the wind broke my thread and down I fell,
Our story quashed, destroyed and quelled.

Our our love remained
To be born again
In this birth we united in love,
True love always rules above
All in this universe,
Heavenly bodies delicately nursed
Our love and planned our reunion,
For us to write love verses in communion.

As you hold me, I feel the love everlasting,
The colourful passions undying,
We may perish but our love is deathless,
Our loving souls, endless,
We will keep on coming back forever,
Never keep away from each other,
For love is divine, immortal,
Perpetual, infinite and eternal.



We wake up in the early hours,
Still embraced in the floral bower,
My eyelids lower,
As your lips shower
Me with the last kisses,
Fulfilling my hearts wishes
Of your love unending,
Eternal and everlasting,
Before we happily separated,
To patiently wait, though to be without you I hated,
Happy still, to be left with dreams of blisses,
Memories of a night of romance,fragrant and delicious,
Go dear! Go out and shine, as I wait in love's shrine,
Both tied to each other in bonds of love divine,
None can break this bond; For I am yours and you are mine!



My eyes travel through
The different hues
Of blue
Looking for you,
In the blue grey of the sky,
They peep inside the clouds floating high,
In the blues
Of the oceans too,
Deep under
The aqua blue water,
Following the jellyfish,
Moving after the starfish,
Seeing through the sea anemones,
Knocking over the black mossy stones,
Finding you not there,
They roam around the different layers
Of hills and air,
Go to the top
Of the hill tops
And mountain peaks
For months and weeks,
Tear streaked
You they seek,
My lashes making way through every tree, every leaf,
Every bay and every creek,
The eyes refusing to rest
Till they met
You in these surroundings, somewhere,
They believe you are hidden in there,
Within your heart with a treasure of love and care,
Somewhere very near,
Just around here,
Not lost forever...!


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